15 Fascinating Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | November 17, 2017

A picture can tell a thousand words. And an excellent picture can tell an entire story. From our attempts to unravel the secrets of the universe to our struggles with everyday life, these 15 pictures will depict most of these cases and will definitely fascinate you - and in some cases might even blow your mind! Number 5 might just make you tremble in absolute shock!

The twin bullets hitting mid air!

As they exited out from the fiery muzzle of a gun, wielded by a blood thirsty soldier hell bent on felling his target, the bullets followed a predefined trajectory but at some point they coalesced into each other and gave us THIS!

The raging storm on Jupiter

Aptly nicknamed as Jupiter's "Great Red Spot", it's a storm which can be literally called a 'planet eater' because of its epic size. The Great Red Spot is over two times the size of earth itself and reaches speeds of 270 mph!

Hotel that looks like a castle

China has become almost synonymous with innovation and its use of cutting edge technology. This enormous hotel in China is designed to resemble a castle. It literally looks like it was pulled straight out of a Disney flick! It could make for the perfect getaway for young couples.

Pizza within a pizza

Who doesn't like to nibble on some good old pizza? This delicacy originated in Italy and is known for its amazing mozzarella cheese which melts in the mouth easily. There's a lot invested into a pizza, from the dough to the toppings.

A horse's nosebleed

Horses are truly a force to be reckoned with, but they are easily tamed and readily follow instructions. But when things go haywire with the gentle beasts, it can truly make for a fantastic spectacle, for instance this frightening nosebleed in a vet's office.

This haunting corpse of a Roman soldier

No one could have anticipated the devastating impact of Mount Vesuvius's violent eruption which happened without any warning. The heat was so violent that it instantly carbonized objects and reduced people to skeletons, this poor soldier didn't even have the time to run.

Ocean in the basement

While we agree that it is unfair to force these beautiful aquatic creatures into the confines of such a limited aquarium, it does paint an absolutely mindblowing picture of what really takes place thousands of feet beneath the surface of the ocean.

Fists are more fragile than we knew!

A knockout punch can send even the most intimidating of opponents flying to the floor, hissing in pain and grasping for breath. But it's not all smooth sailing for the winner either - a powerful punch can definitely takes its toll on their palm.

The desert meets the sea

This desert in Southern Namib is home to some of the most beautiful dunes of the world, and it's even more spectacular when the desert meets with sea. The contrast is absolutely mind boggling with its stark blue and brown colors.

Waterfall down the glacier

Waterfalls are usually associated with green and lush valleys, but as can be seen in this breathtaking picture. Water rushes down the edge of the glacier and leaves a massive trail which reaches at the far back.

Crystal clear water

This river is called Verzasca. It is situated in Switzerland and is known for extremely crystal clear water which can allow you to see through to the bottom and witness the local flora and fauna in all its glory.

Lightning in South Dakota

Lightning strikes carry an enormous amount of power which can completely fry a person. They also take place within the fraction of a second, which makes it hard to capture them. Fortunately someone managed to capture this beauty in the nick of time.

Helicopter making waves

The wings on a helicopter generates enormous amounts of energies, enough to send lighter objects hurling at breakneck speeds, and in this case, its enough to create these concentric ripples on the ocean several meters away from the center.

This jellyfish

This jellyfish combines the amazing colors of blue and a tinge of orange beneath its frail, transparent body. Giving it the touch and feel of being an extraterrestrial life form. Given how alien the creature looks, we wouldn't be surprised if it really was one.

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