10 Signs That Prove Your Boyfriend Is Just Playing With Your Feelings

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | November 17, 2017

This blog post is for women who want to settle down with the right guy. But what if your 'right guy' is just playing around with your feelings and only uses you for sex. What if he's engaged in relations with multiple partners and is the text book definition of a 'Casanova'. While he won't admit his true intentions to you, the guy will give some red flags, here are 15 of these.

Is he truly affectionate with you?

If a guy is truly affectionate towards you, then he will make it a point to display it at all times during your presence - and not just in the confines of a closed room where his true intentions begin to unravel.

Does he pay attention to you?

If he's constantly distracted by trivial things such as his cell phone (or even another woman that happens to pass by), and fails to pay any attention to you - its probably a sign that he's not interested in you.

Watch out for the signs

A man who is truly engrossed in a relationship will display telltale signs such as being shy around you, making more (or less) eye contact than is normal for him, hanging around you more often than is required and showing signs of nervousness.

He doesn't call you very often

If someone is emotionally invested in you, they will make it a point to always get in touch. Whether it is through a phone call, an email or a text message. To them the mere idea of separation is unfathomable.

He makes too many excuses

Whenever you try making plans with him, he manages to come up with too many excuses to delay the meeting. It's either his school assignment, or PTA meeting or he might even straight up refuse to meet up.

He judges you

The guy always makes it a point to judge you. He will start criticizing issues which are of a trivial nature such as the way you walk, the way you dress, how you talk and how you even eat.

He tries to hide his life from you

He makes a consistent effort to hide his personal life from you. This includes hiding his social media accounts from you (such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), he might even block you from his circles altogether preventing you from looking up his account.

He makes fun of you in front of his friends

If someone truly cares about you, you essentially become an extension of them. This means if you get hurt, they get hurt and if you feel happy, they feel happy. This isn't the case for a guy who mocks you in front of his friends.

He looks bored

It's not that he's playing hard to get, he's just bored around you. He cannot bring himself to look at you and smile at your face. It's not worth the effort for him and he'll simply remain disengaged from you.

He only shows up for sex

The only time he shows up is when it's time for sexual relations. If you ask him for anything other than satisfying his carnal desires, he'll bail and jolt out of the room faster than the blink of an eye.

He will project stereotypes on to you

He doesn't really trust you and even goes so far as to project various stereotypes on you. For instance, he'll assume that because you're a woman you're dumb and an idiot. This makes him treat you like a child.

He controls you

The guy needlessly controls you. He simply doesn't allow you to freely express yourself. He would force you to wear the clothing of his choice, eat the food which fancies his tastes and doesn't like when you go out with your own friends.

It's stressful to hang around him

If something offended him in the past, he will wait for the perfect opportunity to bring it up again and add salt to fresh wounds. He will frequently say "I told you so" whenever anything goes wrong.

He's never at fault

He will always try to put the blame on you. If he meets with an accident, it was probably your fault (even though you were never there) and he'll fabricate a psychological excuse to make you feel guiltily for something you haven't done.

He doesn't care for your feelings

It doesn't matter what your feelings - because at the end of the day, it's his feelings which matter. He'll constantly hurt you, make you feel embarrassed and incessantly try to put you down every chance he gets. Of course he'll demand some makeup sex later on, but that's all part of his plan to sleep with you.



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