15 Hilariously Misguided Life Hacks You Should Most Definitely Ignore

Humor | By Gigi Cummings | November 17, 2017

When you see "life hacks" on the internet, you are curious because these tips and tricks are supposed to help make things in your life simpler and easier. Like a short cut or a getting a tutor. But some people out on the internet are more interested in the "trick" part of a life hack and their suggestions are not so helpful, and sometimes hurtful. Be sure that when you attempt to use a "life hack" you saw on the internet, that its a valid tip. And if you see any of these suggestions, immediately abort your life hack mission.

Backyard Dentistry

While there are products that you can buy from the store that will give your teeth some love and care. I do not think there is anything called "backyard dentistry" that will be proven to help with any dental issues. Go to the dentist, this isn't a "do it yourself" kind of thing.

Ice Cream Catastrophe

If your ice cream happens to be too hard to scoop when you take it out of the freezer, you maybe want to stick your scooper in a cup of hot water and then attempt to scoop after it has heated up a bit. Do not under any circumstances put a metal spoon in a microwave, unless you are trying to blow up your house.

Nail Art

While the pretty stripes in an Aquafresh toothpaste bottle look a lot like a bit of art, or like a yummy candy cane. This does not mean that if applied to your nails you will have some nicely painted long lasting candy striped nail art. Stick to the salons and your manicures.

Spork Razors

When I think of the words "handmade" and "razors" together I instantly think of prison. Because in the real world there is no need to glue a razor blade to the end of a broken spork. Save yourself the trouble and go buy some new razors at Target, I'm sure they have a sale.

A Frozen Treat

When it is summertime and super hot outside, there are a million hacks on the internet on how to beat the heat and stay cool on those warm days. This spaghetti o's popsicle hack, seems to have missed the mark just a bit on what a "sweet summer treat" should be.

Budget Mints

If you are too poor to afford to bring some after dinner mints to a dinner party, then you are too poor to attend a dinner party and should probably stay home and look for a job. Don't freeze toothpaste into makeshift mints, it's not healthy and it's not going to impress your guests.

Gun Holster

A gun holster is not just for showing off your gun on your hip. It is for protection and safety so that you don't accidentally shoot someone or yourself. So this life hack seems to defeat the purpose of a gun holder by being nothing but a flip flip on a belt loop.

Foreign Adapter

Electricity is not something to be messed with. Even the smallest amount of electrical current can really do some damage. This guy claims that this "life hack" can replace foreign adapters, but I think all it will do is send some shocking waves through anyone who gets near this death contraption.

Multi-Use Blender

If you want to make some juice, grab a blender, or a food processor, or a hand juicer and some fresh fruit and put it in a cup. If you have a vibrator on hand and want to make some juice, don't use the vibrator, it usually doesn't have enough turbo power and might make your juice taste funny.

No Need To Breathe

Thankfully with the internet, and skymall magazine, there are hundreds of affordable options when it comes to travel comfort. You can buy neck pillows and sleeping masks and headphones that will all make you trip more pleasant, and they all won't kill you while you sleep, like this life hack.

Hole Be Gone

Buying new socks can be a chore, I know. Often you don't even realize you need new socks until you put one on and it has a big hole in the toe. But instead of using this lazy life hack of painting your toe black to match the sock. just go to the store and buy a new pair.

Ketchup Quick Fix

Who needs a bookmark? When you are finished with reading a book for a day, just mark your page with ketchup! It will really help you remember where you left off last and will be a horrible mess for you to clean up later. Actually don't do this, don't do this at all.

Panini Press Magic

While the idea that using something close at hand while you are hard at work to heat up a cold sandwich sounds like a brilliant idea. I think the most troubling part of this weird life hack is that you computer charger gets hot enough to heat up a sandwich. Might want to head to the genus bar to get hat checked out.

Dennys Bright Idea

Denny's posted an interesting life hack about how to wake yourself up quickly. They suggested you swap your contact solution for coffee and dip your contacts in to give your a little pick me up. Don't. Do. This. To second the guy in the comments, "WTF Dennys"

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