15 Annoying Habits Women Do To Irritate Their Boyfriends

Humor | By Ian Anglin | November 17, 2017

This article is not about complaining - in fact, what girls do in relationships is often found to be cute and adorable. That is why this story is going to list 15 such habits that women do the "irritate" their boyfriends - their boyfriends already know what's up, and that is why they don't find this behavior as annoying. The girl's behavior can range from talking too much while watching a movie to sharing the same toothpaste. Let's start with the listing.

Not Watching a Movie

You have probably been in a similar situation - you are trying to watch a movie with your girlfriend, but every time a scary scene comes up, she either hides behind a pillow or your body - and after the scene is over, she keeps asking you "what happened? Did I miss anything?"

Stealing Blankets

Although both partners can be guilty of this type of "treason," it is kind of funny when girls do it. It has probably happened hundreds of times to you - you are sleeping in a particularly cold winter night, and you suddenly realize that most of the blanket is on your girl's side of the bed.

Leaving Hair Pins Everywhere

If you ever had a girl stay for a longer period in your place, you have probably noticed that she is going to leave hairpins in pretty much every corner of the room. No one really knows if women do this intentionally, or if they just simply forget these hair pins.

"I'm Not Too Hungry"

You have probably been in this situation - you are out with your girl, and you decide to grab a bite to eat. Your girl says something along the lines of "I'm not that hungry," and during the night, she ends up ordering twice as much food as you did.

Hitting the Snooze Button

Girls love to hit the snooze button - they think that if they delay the onset of their alarm by 5 to 15 minutes, that they are going to "sleep in" a little bit more. Sadly, that's not the case, as the quality of sleep after the first alarm is dramatically decreased.

She Uses All of the Hot Water

Girls love to have long, hot showers. It's just how they are. That's very bad for you if you plan to use the shower after they do - there is no chance that they will be enough how water for you to shower, so add another hour or so to reheat the boiler.

Saying "Never Mind"

If you have ever noticed your girl to be sad or angry, you have probably tried to ask her "what's going on," or "what's wrong" Sadly, most girls will answer these questions with ambiguous answers such as "never mind," or "nothing." Who knows what to do in this situation?

Needing Constant Attention

A lot of girls need constant attention and reassurance from the people around them - this includes their friends, family, and of course, partner. Weirdly, a lot of guys seem to not like being put in this situation - which is their loss, as girls love guys that can accommodate their emotional needs.

Making Scenes in Public

Another thing a lot of girls love to do is to make a scene - the chances of them making a scene goes proportionately higher the more people there are around you. No one knows whether this is unconscious, or if they are craving some "attention."

Not Answering Texts

This picture is closely correlated with one of the previous pictures about needy girls that need attention and reassurance. Some girls can get really jealous and inquisitive if you don't answer their call or text within 10 minutes of them trying to contact you.

Having a 100 Missed Calls

Most mature women are not like this, but if your girlfriend is younger, there is a high chance that she could try to call you at work, sometimes over a 100 times in a single day, only to train to explain to you what is bothering her or what kind of emotional distress she was under.

"Does This Shirt Make Me Look Fat?"

Girls can be very self-conscious, especially when they try to wear a new outfit or a color that they rarely wear. In those situations, you can get asked the trick question of whether she is fat or if her shirt makes her look fat, which you must never answer with "yes."

Changing Outfits at the Last Minute

Girls also love to change their outfits - especially at the last minute before going to a party. That's also why girls are usually more late to parties and events than the guys - guys just put the closest officially looking shirt and pants, and they get on their way.

Sharing Her Friend's Secrets

A lot of girls are in the habit of gossiping around. That is all fine when they do it with their friends, but since you are their partner (and thus their closest friend), your girlfriend is probably going to be sharing a lot of secrets that they friends told her - which you don't like to hear.

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