The Most Bizarre Questions Ever Answered On WikiHow

Humor | By Ian Anglin | November 16, 2017

WikiHow is a pretty useful website. The idea behind it was to create a website that is similar to Wikipedia (hence the name), but whose articles are formatted in several steps, for easier understanding. Unfortunately, WikiHow's format also includes photo illustration. The idea of using photo illustrations is great, the problem is that some of the questions answered on WikiHow are so far out there, that the photos look ridiculously funny.

How to Get Your Family Naked

Here is a question that sounds really confusing. Why would anyone think of how to get their family naked, and even more, ask the question on a website? To put a nail in the coffin, WikiHow decided to entertain the question's asker, by giving a full page to the answer.

How to Live It Up Before You are Twelve

Here is a question that sounds really funny. This must have been asked by some kid that wanted to troll WikiHow, as who otherwise would be wondering "how to live it up before you are twelve?" Anyway, WikiHow also decided to make an answer to this question.

How to Pee on Yourself

The weird and bizarre questions continue to arrive. This question, answers something that nobody needed answering - how to pee yourself? The funny thing about this answer is that it is specifically written for the ladies, as the guys have a much easier time peeing on themselves.

How to Impress Middle School Boys

This is another question that no one needed an answer to - how to impress middle school boys? Hopefully this question has been written for middle school girls, otherwise, the situation is going to be much worse. The answer is centered on knowing "Family Guy" trivia.

How to Be a Robot

There was a joke about this answer - someone posted on a website trying to act like a robot, and not blinking is basically the job description for working at WikiHow. Anyway, this question could be less bizarre if it's written for acting like a robot, as in the dance move.

How to Be a Mermaid

Everyone knows mermaids are real creatures and they are everywhere around us. That's why learning how to become a mermaid even has its own answer on WikiHow. You have to wonder which method of transformation are they using - potions or magic?

How to Survive a Comet

Being hit by a comet is one of the most likely ways how life on Earth would end. Everyone hopes that won't happen, and NASA is even preparing rockets as a defensive measure, but still, it is funny to think that someone could be planning their survival by reading a WikiHow article.

How to Apologize to a Cat

Although dogs are far more emotional, cats also seem to have a lot of emotions. Judging by this article, cats may even be harboring grudges, which is why you need to read an article on how to properly give some food to your cat as a sign of your regret.

Being a Ghost

Of course, just like being a mermaid is a normal thing that a lot of kids dream of being so is being a ghost. Probably the easiest way to become a ghost is to end up in the "purgatory," as that way your soul is going to forever be trapped between the different planes of existence.

How to Walk

This one is probably going to be the most "Captain Obvious," question on today's list. Someone on WikiHow actually went ahead and wrote an article on "how to walk," since it seems a lot of people that aren't toddlers have a problem with this activity.

Trick People into Thinking You Are Possessed

This question is actually not that weird or bizarre. If you are younger than 18, making someone believe that you are "possessed," could actually be a fun thing to do on a date, or at a house party. Just remember to not really get possessed.

How to Sneak Your Cat to Work

Here is another useful answer, which is kind of getting confusing, as you don't really expect to learn such useful things on WikiHow. This article describes how to sneak your cat to work, which can be a very cute thing to do if your cat ever gets lonely.

How to Listen to Music

Listening to music may actually be one of the most difficult things about being a teenager. There is just so much choice - do you play it out loud, or use headphones? Perhaps earphones are better than headphones, but is wireless sound better than the wired variety?

How to High Five

Making a proper high five is another thing a lot of people seem to have a hard time doing. That's probably why this question deserved to have its own page and article on WikiHow. There must have been thousands of people asking this question.

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