14 Year Old Girl Buys Her Own House, Mom In Shock After Seeing This Inside

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | November 15, 2017

Making a good amount of money at a young age is not an easy task. Yes, some teenagers get lucky when they get jobs of waiters or clerks, but some cannot even get that. Most jobs require experience, a complete education, proper transportation and a mature age therefore, it is hard for these youngsters to make minimum wage. Because of these restrictions that are put on the teenagers, it promotes them to get creative so they can understand the value of money and earning at a young age. However, Willow Tufano did not let these restrictions stop her from earning by herself!

Ambitious Kids

Believe it or not, there are still kids that are ambitious and know exactly what they want. Yes, the teen ages may seem like an age when the kids should "learn about life" and all, but is it not better if the child has an understanding of the basic needs and survival tips?

Human Necessities

Do you know what human necessities are? apart from food, water and oxygen, the next BIG necessity is a shelter. A place where you can live because living on the streets is not reliable or safe. Unfortunately, even though a house is a necessity, they are damn expensive when purchasing.

Keep in Mind

The teenager we are about to discuss is just 14 which means that she is in her early teens. She is not a mature woman, but her ambitions and goals are proof that you are never too young. She knows -at this age- that being independent is the key to life.

Meet Willow Tufano

This 14-year-old girl is probably the most ambitious teenager you have thought of. Yes, she is more ambitious than Kylie Jenner is because she does not belong to a world famous family that earns money by flaunting their butt or making appearances.

At This Age

Do you want to know what proves that she is not an ordinary teen? She has her own house, she is a property owner, and she has her own driving license. Like how is that even possible, you may want to know. The answer is dream bigger than life!

She Left Ellen DeGeneres Shook

Ellen DeGeneres is a media personality that brings the most talented and amazing people from all around the world. When she heard Willow's story, she was left in utter shock because she could not understand how she managed to do so much at such a young age.

So How Did It Happen?

Just like Ellen, you are probably wondering how she managed to do so. Willow explained how she was saving up money so she could do something good with it. she came across a house that was up for sale and with a bargain she purchased it.

Mother's Support Is Crucial

Willow thinks that she had an upper hand because she was homeschooled so she had a better chance at saving the money. She went onto saying that her mother was willing to split the cost of the house and she agreed on paying her mother back later on.

12K with Lots of Fixes

Although she managed to purchase the house at a reasonable price, it was in need of an extremely serious makeover. Willow explained how it was not furnished at all and when she got in she was slightly disappointed, but the excitement of purchasing a house overtook that.

Dream Big, Receive Bigger

Although, the house was not in the best position ever, Willow managed to make it into something that she would be proud of. She renovated the kitchen completely and gave it a girly touch. She painted the outside so it would look pleasing to the eyes.

Help Is a Boost

Ellen witnessed the hard work that this girl had put into making her house the way it is now, so she donated $10K to the girl so she could invest it in the renovations of her house. Willow was absolutely stoked.

House #2

After the buying her first house, Willow left almost all of America in shock. Now try to imagine how America felt after they got the news of her purchasing a new house? By the age of 15, she managed to buy a second house and this time it was ALL ON HER OWN.

Cheaters Are Everywhere

Willow has put her first house on rent so she can earn money by doing so. Unfortunately, because she is still at a young age, she has to face cheaters. People come to her house, stay for as many days as they like, and leave without paying rent. That sucks.

Expect the Unexpected

On international television, Willow claimed how she did not expect to get so much fame from doing this. She claimed that when she started receiving calls after her endeavor, she was in complete shock and overtook by happiness.

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