10 Things That'll Totally Ruin Your Relationship

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | November 14, 2017

Relationships are wonderful and should be taken care of like they might disappear at any moment. You should live in the moment as much as possible and appreciates all of the small things. While this is ideal in the relationship world, it is easier said than done and sometimes life can make relationships hard to maintain. If you are the type of person who is in a relationship that they would love to keep for as long as possible, there are things you need to avoid to stop from ruining a good thing. Here is a list of things sure to end a relationship.


This may feel like a no brainer, but often people start to get bores and their eyes may wander when things are hard. Whether it is physical or emotional cheating, it never ends well and should be avoided if you are just cheating to ignore a problem in your happy relationship.

Not Spending Enough Quality Time Together

Everyones life can get really busy and hectic and sometimes we don't feel like we have the time to slow down and appreciate our significant other. This is the quickest way to ending a relationship, and couples should make more of an effort to spend quality time together.

Keeping Secrets

Honesty is the best policy, especially in relationships. Once you start keeping secrets from each other, it is just a downward spiral towards pushing each other away and the ultimate demise of the trust and core values of the relationship. Stay open and honest or watch is all crumble.

Spending Too Much Time Together

If you are the type of couple that defaults to clinging to each other at every moment, you could find that your lack of individuality is what is going to ultimately be the thing that breaks you apart. Make sure to spend time apart so you can appreciate being together.

Hanging On To Your Ex

If you haven't completely moved on from your ex and you are still holding on to a lot of extra baggage from your past relationship, you are setting yourself up for disaster in your new relationship because those old emotions and unfinished business is sure to resurface.

Diminishing The Value Of Your Relationship

If you start to feel that your relationship is just another chore in your life, than your partner is going to feel like an afterthought. You have to constantly remind yourself about how precious your relationship is and treat as a really valuable part of your daily life.

Being Jealous

Maybe you are a naturally jealous person, but if you don't work to fix it, your significant other is going to feel like they are always in trouble without doing anything wrong. You need to tame your jealousy in order to keep the relationship happy and healthy.

Not Paying Attention

When your partner is speaking, it is important not to tune them out. Even if you are kind of annoyed at them, be present in their life and in the relationship. They are talking to you because you are their main person in life and they want to be heard, be a reliable listener.

Acting Distrustful

If you want your partner to trust you then you need to act in a way that invokes trust. If you are constantly going behind their back or pushing them away when they want to be let into your life, their paranoia will manifest into something that is going to hurt your relationship.

Being A Flirt

There is a difference between being charismatic and friendly and being flirtatious. While you are not technically doing anything like cheating, your actions are making your partner feel insecure and it is hurtful to flirt with others in front of them. Be respectful to your partner.

Being Selfish In Bed

If you get stuck in a rut in your relationship and sex has become somewhat monotonous, don't fall into a pattern of becoming more and more selfish in the bedroom. Sex should be a moment where you and your partner connect on a totally personal level, don't let that go.

Not Supporting Their Dreams

Maybe you are frustrated because your job is not exactly how you wish it was going, but your spouse has truly started to find their stride in their career. Be supportive no matter what, if you bring them down or ignore them when they need to be praised you will push them away.

Criticizing Their Appearance

It is one thing to be concerned for the health of your partner, it is another to make comments because they may have gained a bit of weight or you are not a fan of their new haircut. Don't cut down their appearance, love them for who they are in every time of their life.

Being Mean To Their Friends

Even if you are not the biggest fan of your partners friends, you do not need to make that known to your significant other, and your especially do not need to make their friends feel uncomfortable. Try your best to keep the peace and support their friendships no matter what.

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