These Matchsticks Being Lit All At Once Is The Coolest Thing Ever

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | November 14, 2017

Even with interesting innovations and form of technology available, we end up getting bored on the internet at times. The internet can be monotonous, which is why a dose of something really cool is instantly required. Well, if you are phased out due to the monotonous properties of the internet; prepare to be amazed with these 6,000 matches being lit at once. The coolest, or perhaps the hottest, thing you will see today.

Commend the Effort

Before we go on to see pictures of this feat being achieved, it is imperative that we commend the people making the video for putting in the necessary effort to assemble these 6,000 matches together. Getting these matches together is no light feat and should not be taken lightly.


Just the setting of these matches is worthy of a wow expression of all our readers. Our team was taken aback by how the matches were set and wanted to have a look straight away at how they looked once they were set on fire.

A Heated Start

The matches pick the fire and pass it on in a relay like manner. There is a dynamo effect that is just worth complimenting. The first few matches take up the light and pass it to those adjacent to them. The sparkling light coming from the illumination is an indication of what is to come.

A Pyromaniac's Dream

The picture that emerges after the first few matches catch fire is what you can call a pyromaniac's wet dream. Pyromaniacs are basically people that like starting fired and have an almost unnerving urge to do so at all time.

Don't Try This

The first few seconds of the video got us really excited as well. Considering that many others would also be excited with the illuminating start, we warn our readers to not try or enact this in any way at home. Things can go haywire and may prove detrimental and even fatal.

The Fire is a Match Eater

Moving back to the 6,000 matches and the fire; the fire is a match eater and keeps engulfing match after match under its control. The raging fire is under the control of a fever that requires match after match to spread around.

They All Burn to Their Core

The fire soon reaches out to all the matches and in a picture of pure amazement; all the matches light up to form a picture worth a thousand words. This is definitely one for the ages and is a sight that might never be replicated again.

Eventually it All Turns to Ash

What goes up must come down. The picture of pure gold from the fire that went into action a while ago soon starts coming back down. The fire that was raging onwards, depreciates a little at first, but eventually turns down into ashes.


The sight of all 6,000 matches engulfing into a fire in unison was indeed spectacular and something that we would behold for a long time to come. This is the coolest thing we have seen during the day and hope it was the same for you.

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