The World's Most Unfortunate Clothing Fails

Humor | By Gigi Cummings | November 13, 2017

Fashion is something that is an art form. It is a international multibillion dollar industry that our culture can not get enough of. From the highest fashion on the streets of Paris, to the modern day attire at your local department store. Our lives are surrounded by the fashion industries influence. While we might ogle at the gorgeous designs on the red carpet and fashion shows, the people of fashion can't always get it right every time. Here is a list of the biggest fashion fails and hilarious wardrobe mishaps.

The Leaning Tower

Patterns are super in style at the moment. From bold flowers patterns to stripes and plaids. Patterns are all over the stores. This designer had the right idea with using patterns of foreign countries to make cute pants, but the placement of the Leaning Tower of Pisa seems to indicate something a little naughty.

Mixed Messages

Graphic T's and supporting your interests and hobbies by showcasing them on shirts and sweaters is super on trend right now. This sweatshirt has the right idea when it comes to wanting to spread a little love, but the placement of the statement send some mixed messages.

My Heart Will Go On, Hopefully

Celebrity singer and Canadian superstar Celine Dion soothes audiences with her melodic voice and catchy pop hits. This T-shirt must be representing the darker her side of her fan base because it has a more edgy vibe. Maybe this a niche the fashion world has yet to discover.

The Kitty Stretch

The whole phenomenon to put cats on shirts and memorabilia has become a real collectors past time. People love the cute and furry animals adorning their sweatshirts, flying through space or laying on top of pizza. This designer wanted to jump on this trend but didn't account for the sock stretch.

Nazi No No

This popular surf brand wanted to get a little funky with their design and created a zip up hoodie with some cool zig zag stripes on the front. What they didn't realize that those stripes seemed to come together to create a very recognizable and not very favorable logo.

Just Keep Calm

The whole fad of shirts that have the "Keep Calm And..." logo, is a bit worn out. But this bar wanted to try and revamp their team shirts by putting their own version of the catchy logo on them. While in theory it works, the mind cant help but read it in a very different way.

Photo Tag

When you are a t-shirt designer, it is necessary to have someone else come in and review the work you have done before you send the shirts off to print. Because while you have been buckled down on details, you could miss something very obvious in the process.

The Great Escape

While it was probably completely unintentional, this shirt of Buddy The Elf, from the classic Christmas movie, has transformed into a bit of a visual trick when paired with a sweater. At a glance it looks as if this man is trying to smuggle a small elf in his sweater while the elf tries to escape.

Where's Waldo?

Prints on leggings seem to be a tough thing for designers to really get right. One wrong misplaced pattern and the whole look gets a little on the inappropriate side. These Waldo leggings really beg people to guess, where is waldo and why is he emerging from there?

Check Your Pockets

Colors are very important when picking out an outfit that is going to be the most flattering. This news anchor is probably going for a very neutral color scheme, but the pattern plus the nude color look makes it look as if she is showing off a little more than she should.

Red Flower

Flower patterns are so pretty when they are done right. They are bold yet feminine at the same time. This pattern actually exposes the real femininity of what a woman feels at certain times of the month. Not sure if this kind of pattern is going to be appreciated by most women.

Subliminal Messages

This woman's casual wear blouse looks like the perfect thing for your mom to wear on her cruise to Hawaii. But this shirt has some secret subliminal messages that seem to indicate that these hawaiian flowers are showing off something more erotic than exotic.

Now Thats A Horse Of A Different Color

This cheery Christmas sweater is hiding a secret, while the candy cane stripes seem like a great fit for the holidays, the well endowed unicorn is sure to throw some party goers off even at the ugliest of Christmas sweater parties. Talk about getting the party started.


When you are looking for pants with a wild jungle theme. You may want to make sure all of your animal prints are in the right places. This little hidden sloth is super adorable, but when the pants are on, it may look like you are storing this little guy in a very private place.

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