Demi Lovato's Bikini Selfie Proves She is a Body Positive Queen

Entertainment | By Ray Porter | November 12, 2017

Demi Lovato is a successful American singer, songwriter, actress, advocate, philanthropist, and business woman. During her career she has been nominated for Grammy Award and is a multiplatinum singer songwriter. Despite her many talents and careers one of the most interesting facets of Demi Lovato is her advocation, and how seriously she takes her role, as a role model. As a result of this Demi has a huge and extremely active following on social media platforms.

No Makeup Monday

Demi constantly pushes body positivity and combats the unrealistic standards the fashion industry and society place on young females. The lengths girls go to in the quest for unattainable beauty are ridiculous, and often damaging to their body and mind.

Fresh Face Friday

In addition to 'No Makeup Monday', Demi's weekly body confidence efforts consist of 'Fresh Face Friday'. 'Fresh Face Friday' is a weekly celebration of stripped down, no makeup and all-natural looks that aim to provide an honest and real portrayal of appearances.

An Issue in Society

The fashion industry and magazines have been one of the main propagators of unrealistic images of beauty. Body image issues and eating disorders have swept the globe like an epidemic. They find the skinniest, symmetrically featured 1 in a thousand models and then go and photoshop them.

Health Issues

There's a hoard of health issues that sweep our young, mostly females but not only. The kinds of issues that are caused are eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, in males steroid abuse. And that's without mentioning all the money wasted on industries that feed off body image.

Magazines and the Fashion Industry

The media today, as well as businesses have set an unrealistic standard of beauty these days. Body types vary vastly and the idea of celebrating one body type as one for everyone to strive for let alone the rare model body type, is a recipe for frustration and unhealthy disaster.

The Value of Body Confidence

Body confidence and self-confidence is such an important issue to overcome. The benefits of accepting ourselves as a whole and finding yourself attractive are unimaginably valuable. Positive body image relieves you of an immense amount of stress and becoming your own supportive friend fills you with confidence.

Even More Demi Body Positivity

It's not just weekly selfies that Demi does to show body positivity, her latest selfie shows whole body confidence. In the lead up to Demi's upcoming fifth album she's been doing some photo shoots, one of which was for 'Allure' to appear on their cover.

Behind the Scenes

While on set Demi treated her followers on social media, namely 'Instagram' to a behind the scenes full body photo. The picture is of Demi in the black and fashionable granny panties and a vintage style black bra in the bathroom mirror.

An Inspiring Photo

In usual Demi style the picture is completely untouched, no filters and no photoshop. What is special about the picture is that it is a full body shot in underwear. It shows Demi's positive body image, and her bravery and commitment to inspiring others.

Great Lighting Though

The text she published with the photo let everyone know how proud she is of herself and how comfortable she is in her own skin, she also quirkily mentioned how good the lighting was in the bathroom making sure her followers understand the reality of the picture.

Demi's Tone

Seeing Demi's tone when addressing her following, her fan base is no surprise "Behind the scenes (and bathroom door) of my Allure cover shoot.. Posting a #nophotoshop pic because I'm proud to show my body the way it naturally is.. (And there was great lighting...) #Allure #CONFIDENT

Body Issues Don't Skip Celebrities

So many models and celebrities these days make sure all their photos are photoshopped, even those that they simply posted to social media rather than paid shoots for magazines. We live in an age where celebrities grow up exposed to the same body image issues they end up propagating.

Unique Lovato

These celebrities have the same insecurities as other young girls, and simultaneously access to professional photoshopping. In using photoshopped images on social media these celebrities inspire body issues in their followers too, but Demi stands apart, thankfully. We love her for that!

An Honest Image

What Demi is doing in spreading her honest and untouched images is incredible. She is working to help people understand what real beauty standards actually are. As her fans and others pick up in 'no makeup Monday' and 'fresh face Friday' we can begin to understand what people really look like.

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