15 Reasons Why You Should Never Cheat On Your Husband

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | November 12, 2017

As a relationship matures, some partners may find it difficult to keep things faithful. Cheating, or being otherwise unfaithful, is not a solution to your relationship's problems. The key to being happy in life, and with your partner, is to have clear and open communication. Not only that, but cheating can also bring a lot of bad feelings and emotions, such as feeling guilty and wondering if your new partner could do something that would ruin your marriage.

Feeling Guilty

Feeling guilty is something that is going to come back to you the other day after cheating, because you'll be still under the impression of what happened. Every time you exchange a look with your partner, you will taste the feeling of not knowing what to do. To tell or to keep it as a secret is the most common concern.

What Happens With The Other Guy?

In every love story there are two characters. Therefore, you won't be the only one in your cheating story. Will your new partner want to spend more time with you or will he be cool with that one night stand? That's how the marital cheating mess begins.

Keeping Secrets

When you struggle with so many questions and you feel guilty about a cheating partner, there is a possibility of telling someone, perhaps a friend, of what you had done. What if that person is not the right one and she tells your secret to your partner?

How Will He React?

The next thing that you will think about is your husband's reaction. Many guys will leave or make you leave if you live together. Some of them could go that far and actually attack you, and some of them will reveal (or lie) that they had already cheated on you.

You Could Catch an STD

Nothing is worse than this kind of punishment. Just imagine if the other guy had gonorrhea or syphilis and you had unprotected sex. What is even worst is that you get sexually transmitted disease not only during vaginal but also during anal and oral sex.

Getting Pregnant

This is a really common situation. You barely know a guy and he gets you pregnant. However, you don't know who is the real father because you slept with both of them. Perhaps, you will call your husband to tell him the news.

He Gives You a Second Chance

If your husband really loves you and can't imagine his life without you, there are some big chances of being together again. However, it won't be easy for both of you. Every time you go out, he will have some doubts about where you are really going.

Your Partner Will Need Time

Nothing can be that easy, and neither is this situation. Every time you get into argument, he will tell you what you have done to him and how he felt about that or still feels about it. Once you break the glass, it will never be the same.

Next Time Control Your Body and Your Heart

Maybe you will get in that situation again, but this time control your body and your heart. Let the brain lead you and you won't make the same mistake. Think of your partner and his feelings and remember that if you do it again, there will be no third chance.

You Had a Bad Fight

Imagine that you had a really bad fight and you told each other some things that were ugly and pretty tasteless, and you decide to have a drink at the local bar. Don't go alone, call your best friend and have some girl's talk. It will relax you and together you will find some decision. Going alone can make the things worst.

Your Partner Had Already Cheated on You

If your partner had already cheated on you and you are still together, it means that you had forgotten him. Also, it means that you got over it and you can continue with your lives. If you cheat on him, doesn't mean that he will forget you. You are two types of person.

Cheating Has Never Been an Option

If you are not happy with your partner, break up with him. You won't be an immoral person that cheats her husband and you and also you can easily continue with your life. Your new boyfriend won't be afraid of being cheated.

Improve Your Sex Life

If your sex life is really bad, try to improve it by experimenting new stuff. Also, you can visit a sex therapist who will help you to be a better sex partner and get more relaxed during the "act." After few sessions, you will never think of any other guy.

Think of Your Children

If you have children, think of them and how they will feel about that. You are the GODS into children's eyes. They see only the best things of you. Don't break their hearts by letting them down. Also, they will need time to get over it, much more time than the adults.

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