Cute Ways to Remind Your Boyfriend He Is the Love of Your Life

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | November 10, 2017

Although having a satisfying, loving relationship may be one of the best things to happen in your life, there are things you can do to maintain, and even further improve your relationship. One of those things is to remind your boyfriend of your love. Reminding him doesn't have to be some expensive spectacle - even something small and subtle, like reminding him of how and when you two met, could be enough to rekindle and inspire even more love in your relationship.

Remember How You Met

Talking about how you two met (the location, the date, and circumstances) can easily remind your boyfriend of how he started to love you. Some couples can also have a re-date - that's when you do your first date again - by going to the same place, at the same time.

Surprise Cooking

All guys love having a meal specially cooked for them. Whether it is pork chops or a Chef's salad with some tasty wine, cooking an occasional dinner for him can easily show him just how much you love him. Just remember to spice things up!

Love Letters

Today, due to all the modern technology around us, people don't write anymore. Somehow, there is something warm and magical about receiving a handwritten letter - and what better way to surprise your boyfriend than by sending him a handwritten love letter?

Surprise Gifts

Everyone loves receiving gifts, including guys. You don't have to wait for his birthday or some other special day to surprise him. In fact, giving him a gift on a completely random day, when he doesn't expect it is one of the best ways to surprise him.

Special Outfits

All guys have specific outfits and clothes they like. Maybe it is a miniskirt, or some hot pants, whatever the case if you wear that outfit for him; you will make him a lot happier. You will get bonus points for surprising him with clothes he bought you.

What to Do In Your Spare Time

Given how busy your schedule can get, you need to properly plan what to do in your spare time. Not every day has to about your boyfriend, but remember to balance things out. If he likes watching football, watch the occasional game with him. The next day you can watch a romantic chick flick.

Send Him a Romantic Text

Another awesome way to surprise your boyfriend and to remind him of your love is to send him a loving, spontaneous text message. You can write in the message anything you like - because the message is going to surprise him, it'll surely get his attention.

Surprise Selfie

This method is a variation of the previous recommendation. Instead of sending him a spontaneous romantic text, you can send your boyfriend a spontaneous selfie picture. This could be a normal photo you took at work, or perhaps something sexier at home.

Leave a Hidden Note

Not everything has to be digital and shared over the internet. Instead of sending random text messages, you can leave your boyfriend a hidden note. This note could be placed somewhere inside his car - perhaps on the steering wheel, or maybe in a pocket in his jeans.

Show Affection

A great way to surprise your boyfriend and to show that you love him is to freely show affection in public. This doesn't have to be a full-on make-out session - even a simple hand-holding can be enough to melt your boyfriend's heart.

Give Him Space

A lot of the advice on this page was about how to get closer your boyfriend or how to surprise him. You can also improve your relationship by going to opposite route - if your guy needs it, give him space. This doesn't mean to ignore him or become distant - just give him a few extra hours in the day if he needs it.

Message on the Mirror

If you live with your boyfriend, or otherwise spend the night at his place, you can leave a sexy message on his mirror with your lipstick. Just do as the above picture shows - write in a large font, red color, and think of something sexy and unique.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Having a scavenger hunt is a variation of one of the previous ideas written in this article. Instead of leaving random notes in your boyfriend's car or in a pocket in his jeans, you can leave a complete trail of different messages that he has to follow in order to uncover your gift.

Wallet Notes

Leaving some kind of secret or sexy message (or card) in your boyfriend's wallet is a surefire way to get his attention. There is no way he is going to expect it, so obviously you are going to blow his mind by doing this. Just remember not to invade his privacy.

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