Video of Police Officers Busting Dance Moves In Elevator Goes Viral

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | November 10, 2017

This adorable video of a tough Colorado deputy dancing to the tune of rapper Silento's "Watch Me/Nae Nae" inside an elevator has gone viral. The day the sheriff's department posted this hilarious video online, it broke the internet because so many people were clicking on it. Within just a day it accumulated around 3 million views. Everyone loved the jolly old fellow having a good time after his last day at work.

The sheriff's department had the elevator bugged

Under the excuse of diagnosing an unknown and mysterious malfunction which had been troubling the sheriff's department, a surveillance camera was planted inside the elevator without letting deputy Tone Scherb in on it. He had absolutely no idea he was being recorded!

The deputy enters inside the elevator

As the deputy enters inside the elevator, he checks to see if the coast is clear. After becoming content that no one will catch him in the act, he starts to break dance to the tune of Silento's "Watch me Nae Nae".

Then another deputy walks in

Scherb promptly stops when another deputy walks in. As the two stare each other down, they couldn't help but begin to break dance to the catchy beat of the music in the background. It seems that Scherb's jovial mood rubbed off on Deputy Reed.

Chief Deputy walks in

But when Chief Deputy Evans walked in, they both stopped right in their tracks and assumed proper disciplinary posture, exchanging pleasantries with their boss. The trio managed to keep a straight face throughout their ordeal, all the while the music was blaring awkwardly in the background.

He leaves and they continue

They resumed their dance as soon as Evans took his leave. Not too soon after, Deputy Murphy made her way in. After a few seconds of watching the duo dance, she began joined in the fun and the trio performed some amazing moves.

Then the Sheriff enters

When the big boss of the building enters, they all straighten their acts and assume a disciplined posture. But not too soon after, even the Sheriff began to show off his mad dancing skills. Although the trio was a tad bit less energetic this time around.

A fun time for them all

Deputy Scherb's retirement day was a fun time for everyone at the office. They all got to take a brief respite from the tumultuous routines of everyday police life and enjoyed just a few minutes of relaxation.

That's a surprisingly tall building

Deputy Scherb's destination never seems to arrive. The elevator ride stretches on for a long, long time, almost four minutes. The dance never seemed to end as the video just blurred into darkness. Is this a never ending dance which perpetuates for all eternity?

The size of the building

For an elevator to take this long to reach its destination, the building must at least be 100 storeys tall. There's no other way of explaining this adorable but rather bizarre dance routine which never seems to end.

Perhaps they never left the elevator

There another way of going about explaining their dance routine. Perhaps the trio never left the elevator and enjoyed the privacy provided by the elevator, unless of course when they're joined by another person, who in this case turns out to be the Sheriff himself.

In all seriousness

This video actually manages to paint the law enforcement agencies in a positive light. Between all the disturbing episodes of policemen going berserk and indiscriminately attacking innocent civilians and sometimes killing minority individuals over a misplaced case of suspicion, this video is a breath of fresh air.

Deputy Scherb was known to be strictly professional

He was extremely stoic, very professional and always serious on the job. No one really expected him to break character on any given day, much less on his retirement day. But when he did, his staff joined in the fun and supported him.

The internet surprisingly adored him

As viral videos usually go, they tend to mock and berate the person who's doing hilarious moves (such as the deputy in the video). But much to our surprise, the internet actually appreciated and approved of his wonderful breakdance.

Police gets a lot of flak

There are good cops and then there are the bad ones. This is true of any community and the police are not immune from this fact of life. But the few bad apples give the entire police force a bad name.

Let Deputy Scherb be a reminder of their humanity

They're not monotonous robots devoid of any emotions whose sole purpose in life is to enforce the law. No, they are humans who can make mistakes but they try their best to help the law prevail. And then there's this adorable video of the retired police man having a blast on his last day at work.



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