17-Year-Old Boy Goes Viral After Photoshopping Celebrity Photos With His Own Picture

Humor | By Cole Damon | November 10, 2017

Ah celebrities, you just can't get enough of them. No matter how respectable they are or how high regard you place them in, there's no denying how entertaining they are even when they're just out there living their lives. One thing's for certain though, no matter how old you are or how successful they may be, you'll definitely take a shot at making a joke or two about them. This kid takes that to a whole new level!

Who is he?

Waverider is a 17-year-old who took the social networks and works his way to make fun of some of the hottest celebrities, turning their images into hilarious jokes. It takes a certain bit of talent to actually put such creativity into it!

Making it big!

Well, there's no denying his awesomeness when it comes to celebrities, it's an art to see the jokes in perfectly normal pictures. One thing's for sure, no one's going to be looking at these celebrities the same way for a long time!

She came in like a wrecking ball

Miley, Miley, Miley! She's been the central for trollers and memers for a long time, which means this kid simply couldn't miss his opportunity! Remember when "Wrecking ball" came out? Yeah, guess he wrecked her picture instead... So is that all she wrote?

Kim K. why u so great?

You know this boy has talent when he's able to perfectly imitate the style of the "Booty Queen", Kim Kardashian. You could say that Kanye wouldn't be too happy by these pictures but hey, it's all fun and games, isn't it?

So Similar!

What's epic about this is not the picture but the "Golden Globe Awards" sign in the background. Who knew 'word' was the illustrator here? However, the similar between Jennifer and this kid is absolutely amazing. I mean, even the dresses are pulled off perfectly!

Rock those eyebrows!

Cara Delevinge can only be described by one word: beautiful. Waverider made sure of that and also made sure that one of her best features was flaunted to the world. You know what that means? That means her eyebrows are finally being appreciated!

Seriously with the eyebrows!

Cara just can't catch a break! The style, accessories, poses, everything and not to mention those eyebrows. Oh Cara, you're beautiful but I think the Waverider could pull that off a lot better than you did. Guess who's going to be the next big star!

The biscuits!

You know what's so great about this picture? The epic use of biscuits! I mean why and how could you come up with something so simple that simply makes one roar with laughter? Although you have to admit, this boy can pull off the expression too.

They're fries, not a selfie stick

Ariana Grande may have an amazing voice but that doesn't mean you she won't get her pictures messed with. You need to realize something here, she's holding up fries but it kind of looks like she's trying to take a selfie with it, especially after the comparison...

That hair!

I mean fried potatoes are one thing but damn does this chick have hair! Too bad she couldn't retain it as her best feature because Waverider took her glorious "hair fame" away from her! Tip to having great hair? Straws extensions!


Well, she tried looking cute but I guess some things don't work out for the best. Guess they both decided that the kitty needs a little more...humor? Maybe. But the humor definitely did great to the picture on the right!

Ah Noodles!

We're at it again with the hair! Guess noodles are the best way to depict great Taylor Swift hair. I mean, instead of breakups, she could've just stuck to singing about her gorgeous hair and that would've been a greater hit! Guess Waverider grabbed the opportunity:

It's everything!

It's the hair, it's the makeup, it's even the expression! You have to check this guy out and see what a work of art he is! Who else can pull off a pose like that with eyeliner like that?! Guess the one and only is the best person to go to!

Niki Minaj!

Kim K isn't the only one with the big booty and that means there's more reason to troll here than ever before! Miki Minaj may be great with the raps and the pictures but no one was aware of just how great she is with the pictures as well!

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