15 Strong Reasons Why You Should Save Your Virginity For Someone Special

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | November 9, 2017

Losing your virginity after the first romantic date is becoming a trend all around the world. When you choose to give someone your virginity, it allows him or her to see you in the most vulnerable state and allows him or her to have an advantage over you. The act of making love is supposed to be something intimate that you share with the one person who would wake up next to you. This person should respect you enough to stay with you after everything has been done. If this person does so then it probably means they love you very much. Read more to find out why saving your virginity until you get married is so important.

Live a Life with More Dignity and Self Respect

In today's world, it is extremely important for girls to keep their dignity intact. Saving your virginity until you meet the love of your life or until you get married, is a good option. This way no man will have anything over you and you can live a respectful life.

Better Understanding

Spending quality time such as talking, understanding and exploring rather than making love is better because this way you get to know what your partner is really like. Once you get a good understanding, you can think about your future together.

Worry Free

By keeping your virginity, you will not need to worry about the things that might happen if you and your partner break up. You can live a life without giving a shit about what others have to say and the best part is that you have your dignity.

Love Is All We Need

This way you can assure that your partner is in a relationship because they genuinely love you rather than being in a relationship for the sex. This factor is important when you want to settle down for someone and find out if they are committed or not.

You Know Your Worth

By keeping your clothes on, you will be able to know your body better than anyone else could possibly think of. You will know how to treat your body and you will never need another person's opinion on what your body is like or how it should be.

No Fear of Getting Diseases

An upside to waiting is that there is no way you can get diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases can be dangerous as they can risk your entire future. Try keeping a hold of your needs and wait a little longer so the right person can come and keep you away from diseases.

Getting With a Virgin

After finding out that your partner was saving their virginity for a special person, you know it is totally worth it. This person will be the one because he or she will give you all the love, care, and respect that you are worth.

Parents Will Get Along

When you wait for sex, there is a better chance that your parents will get along more with your partner's. This is what every couple wants! A good relationship between the parents is necessary so that there are no problems in the future.

Selfish Instead Of Selfless

Sexual relationships tend to demand more and more. This way selfishness in the relationship increases, which in turn causes the relationship to become unhealthy. At a certain extent, the attraction will lessen since everything will already be done due to selfish needs.

No Sense of Mystery

Once you have sex, you have subtly unveiled a big part about your partner. By doing this, the mystery between the two people ends and everything seems to be boring. The mysteriousness in the relationship allows more sparks and attraction.

Do Not Do It Because Of the Fear Of People

Keep in mind that people will judge you no matter what. Whether you have sex or not, but often couples are expected to do it right away so they seem normal. Make sure you do not come under the pressure and give into it. It is ok to wait.

He Ain't the One If He Doesn't Wait

If a guy or girl claims to love you, there is no question about having sex. They will wait as long as you make them because they respect you and love you. This person has a good understanding of commitment and is the one that you should stay with.

Make it Count

If you wait until you meet the love of your life, there is a chance that it will be the best sex ever. This is so because you will have genuine love for them and you will want to make sure you are doing everything right for this person. With better understanding comes a better chance of lasting.

Fake Attraction

Sex can make you think that a toxic person is good for you. When you have sex with someone, there is a chance that you get attracted to him or her because they have seen you in the most vulnerable state ever. It is smart to wait before spreading your legs.

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