15 Images That Show Why Men and Women Will Never Understand Each Other

Humor | By Ian Anglin | November 8, 2017

Although men and women have a lot of things in common, the sexes do have a few differences that can make for some hilarious comparison photos. This article is going to feature 15 such differences that best illustrate the funny differences between men and women. Obviously, these differences will not be the same for all people, as we are all individuals with our own personality traits, but it will make a fun read. Let's check out the photos.

Buying Shampoo

What would an article about comparing men and women be, without first showing the differences in how the sexes purchase their supply of shampoo. While women use a lot of differences factors and complex math to come to conclusion, men just buy the blue-colored bottles.

Instant Packing

Packing for vacation or other travel is a trivial thing for men. Guys just use a single bag, they put a few pieces of clothes there, their toothbrush, and are set. Women on the other hand like to travel just like the way they want to purchase shampoo - by going the complicated route.

Dating Differences

Men are always ready for the occasional hookup - of course, if the guy is single. Most women, on the other hand, are more into seeing what kind of dating potential a partner has to offer - just take a look at the above photo to understand this difference.

Being In the Moment

Women are very adept at multitasking. Like in the example photo above, they could be looking at a beautiful sunset, and thinking whether their partner loves them, and what will he do next. Guys, on the other hand, can only focus on one thing - like what to eat for breakfast.

Window Shopping

Just like buying shampoo and packing for travel, women like to be thorough and check all the different stores in a shopping mall before making a purchase decision. Guys just go to their favorite store, like the Gap and are done with their shopping in a few minutes.

Differences in Breaking Up

This is another situation in which women clearly lead. While they could be sad for a few days after breaking up, women are good at rebounding after a few weeks. Men, on the other hand, are happy for the first few hours, before realizing how lonely life can get.

Going to Work

Dressing up for work, or going out is one situation where guys clearly take the lead. While women like to take hours to get ready (due to putting on makeup, showering and trying different outfits), guys just put on the clothes that are the most nearby, and head off.

Reading between Lines

Men are pretty straightforward when it comes to the way they walk. Guys like to say what's on their mind and be done with the conversation. Women, on the other hand, can say nice things, but depending on the wording, the meaning of their sentences could mean the opposite.

Arousal Differences

The differences between how a guy gets aroused, and how a girl get excited has been the topic of a great many Hollywood movies. Guys seem to work more like a light switch - they are either on or off. Women, on the other hand, are like operating a nuclear-power facility.

Einstein's Opinion on the Subject

Albert Einstein was a pretty funny guy - especially considering he was a nuclear physicist. One of his most remarkable quotes is about the differences in men and women - women worry about stuff guys remember, while guys worry about the things women remember.

Oscar Wilde's Opinion

Oscar Wilde is a famous Irish poet and playwright from the 19th century. Just like Einstein, one of his most well-known quotes is about the differences between men and women. Wilde says that "women are meant to be loved, not to be understood."


Girls are the more subtle of the sexes. For example, when they want to check on a guy, they try to be as indirect as possible. Guys, on the other hand, are happy to turn their heads, or even say things like "damn!" when looking at an attractive girl.

Mother's Instinct

All women are born with the so-called "mother's instinct." That is the instinct that causes them to form strong life-long bonds with their babies. Fathers do not have that instinct, which sometimes allows them to be more playful with the kids.

Organizing the Desktop

Here is a pretty confusing difference between men and women. While guys have a problem keeping a tidy desk, women have no problem being organized at work. On the flipside, guys keep their PCs perfectly organized, while women's desktops are usually full of icons on every corner.

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