Have You Ever Wondered Why Public Toilets Are Not Completely Closed?

Weird | By Cole Damon | November 8, 2017

When you use a public bathroom, do ever wonder why it is opened all around? It is opened from the bottom, the top, and the sides. Since bathrooms are the place, where the most contemplation takes place it makes people wonder why public bathrooms are open. There is no way that public bathrooms can be designed the same way as the bathrooms at home because they have to be easily accessible, cleanable, and low maintenance. Today, you will finally find out the secret behind public bathrooms and why they are designed the way they are.

The Question Is Why

It has always seemed so weird to be using a bathroom that is so open on all sides. Public bathrooms should allow a little privacy, right? However, apparently the reason why they are this way will make you think that their openness is a good thing.

Easier to Clean

The way they are created, it makes it easier to clean them. Mopping the floors, power washing and hosing the bathroom down is easier when the bottom part of the bathroom is opened. With the open space, the water flow gets better and makes cleaning more efficient.

Emergencies Occur

In case of any emergency, just crawl from underneath. This is a good reason for the bathrooms to be open because if any emergency occurs, the person trapped inside will know how to make their way out. No need to call 911.

No Abusing Drugs

The openness of the public bathrooms can help put a stop to drugs use in the toilets. The strong smell of the drugs will allow the people to know that something wrong is happening in the bathroom causing the person inside to get into trouble. This way before abusing drugs, the person will need to think.

No Sexual Activity

Another plus to the open bathroom stalls is that no couple can do sexual activities. Doing this kind of stuff in public bathrooms is not just inappropriate, but it also makes the person in the neighboring stall to feel uncomfortable.

Vandalism is a No

People have tendencies to mark their territories. Vandalism has been a big issue, in the country but also in public restrooms. With the stalls being open, the chances of someone causing collateral damage on the inside should hopefully lower.

Becoming a Fan, Right?

Now that you have read a couple of reasons why open bathrooms are better, you have begun to understand their perks. Although, this may not justify everything. A little more reasoning may be needed in order to convince you 100%.

Inexpensive and Easy

The material that these bathrooms are made of is relatively inexpensive as compared to bricks that are used in real bathrooms. The cost of a single bathroom is very less therefore more can be made. The more the number of bathrooms; the merrier the public.

Keep the Air Coming

That moment when you walk into a public bathroom and instantly start gagging, this happens because of no ventilation. The open space of the public bathrooms allows the ventilation to be better so the bad smells can stay out. Public bathrooms must smell good.

Keeps the Line Going

The opening at the bottom allows the people standing in line to see what the person is up to. This prevents the bathroom from being overcrowded with people and maintains a civil structure in the bathroom. How weird does that sound? But you know it is true.

Fast Paced Movements

If the bathroom stall was closed on all sides, people would take this sweet time without caring about the others that are in the rush. Therefore, one reason why it is opened is because this way people take care of their business fast as they know that others are waiting.

Sharing is Caring

Not all the bathroom stalls are always stocked with toilet paper rolls. In this case, the open sides of the stalls are an advantage because it allows the people to share the toilet paper with each other. This is one place people can come and unite.

Conversations Made Easier

If you are feelings lonely and awkward in the bathroom, you can make a new bathroom friend. Having someone in the bathroom stall next to yours will allow you to talk to him or her properly. Your voice will go through clearly, which can cause the conversation to flow well.

Jammed, but Not Locked Inside

The upside of the open doors is that if for some odd reason the door gets jammed, it will be easy for you to get out. Your baby crawling skills will come in handy as you make your way through from under the door or the sides, depending on which way you want to go.

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