This Is What Could Happen If You Don't Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode While Flying

Science | By Cole Damon | November 8, 2017

Ah the joys of flying are upon us! For a person suffering from severe travel lust, it's really the best thing there is but that also means having to sit through the pre-flight instructions over and over again. Sometimes you really want them to give you a break! However, there are still some people who avoid listening to them and doing what they want. One of these is the airplane mode!

Well you gotta learn sometime!

Whether you like it or not, the flight's rule for your cell phone's 'airplane mode' is actually quite strict and while it may be annoying, one must always adhere to it! But that doesn't prevent the question that pops in your head, "why the fuss?"

What's the myth?

Some people believe that this is to avoid any disruptions with the aircraft's communication with the air traffic control (ATC). That instills fear of a plane crash but don't worry, that's all a myth. Satisfied? Well, here's why you are told to turn the airplane mode on.

Oh the suspense!

If that's a myth then what's the truth? Why are the airlines after our lives to cut contact with the outside world when we're mid air?! So many questions gone unanswered but not anymore- Be warned, though, you might not like what's coming ahead!

In air wifi

Some planes provide their 'in air' wifi but that doesn't move you from the fact that you should keep your airplane mode turned on. The wifi is specifically great for passengers especially for those who are accustomed to cell phone usage.

Battery saving

Airplane modes help to save a great deal of battery which is a major plus point for people travelling without power packs. So when you're complaining about how unfair it is, you're actually supposed to be thanking them for saving your battery's life!

Well, you were partially right

Remember when you thought about the myth? Well, we won't say you're 100% right about that but may, just a little bit? It may not be life threatening or pose a danger to anyone but it sure as hell may be very difficult to deal with. As per your pilot:

Oh yes, very annoying

"A little annoyance never hurt anyone" Well then you shouldn't be seated on flight at all. A little annoyance can go a long way and can be quite distracting for the pilot. Just goes to show you, comfort and safety don't always go together!

So much space

Yes, there may be a lot of space between the cabin and your cell phone but if you're not told to put it on flight mode then no one will do it. That means a lot of people causing disturbances to the captain's radio making it very unbearable!

It won't get you in trouble

Don't worry, even though it might be quite annoying for traffic controllers and pilots, it won't get you into any sort of trouble with the authorities. However, that doesn't mean you completely disregard their work and put your comfort first!

It's not just your cell phones

Did you know that it's not only your cell phones that possess the option of an airplane mode but your laptops do too! It's actually best if you put that on airplane mode too to stop any disruptions that your pilot may face. Remember, safety comes first!

Show a little appreciation

It's just another rule you have to follow and to show your appreciation as well as making a contribution to your pilots. There's no harm in following the rules, you're only helping yourself in the end. Don't you think it would be nice to make pilot's lives easier?

Cellular signals

However, rumor has it that cellular signals may be offered in flight which means you don't have to worry about airplane mode as much anymore. You can save all that energy and maybe direct towards something else that's totally unfair!

Another myth

Most people believe that just because your phone is on airplane mode, it will magically have the ability to fly. Follow your dreams but don't waste away your money! Just because it says "airplane mode" doesn't mean it's actually on airplane mode.

It's happened before

Maybe with kids but some adults are also keen with experimentations, even though they may not be as smart with it. However, if you're spending so much money on your phone then you might as well be careful with it!

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