Navy Hero Suffers Major Injuries, But His Recovery Will Inspire You

Inspiration | By Cole Damon | November 8, 2017

You think you know somebody, you look at someone and you think, "yep, I've got this person all figured out" but in reality, you haven't! I was like you once, judging a book by its cover, looking at people's pictures and making a mental note of them but one fine day, everything changed! Here's a short story that you'll find interesting, about a couple whose picture will surely surprise you!

They seem pretty normal

At first glance, this couple seems like your average, everyday couple. Madly in love, everything going just right but sometimes there's more than what meets the eye and this couple has truly proved that to be true. This story is truly heartfelt and inspirational!

Started off pretty great

Just like the start of every blooming relationship, both into sports, both madly in love. Taylor being an athlete attracted his girlfriend who shared a much similar passion for sports. It was eventually their mutual love for extreme sports that made them one.

It was time for change

Taylor's love for extreme sports made him enlist in the Navy's Explosive Ordinance Disposal or EOD and Kelly, understanding his passion gave her full support. Even though the job was risky and involved explosives and weapons of mass destruction, he still pursued.

Tragedy fell

Supporting his deployment was difficult but Kelly shared true love and that wasn't something she would hold in the way. Eventually, the inevitable was heard and the lovebirds were struck with utter tragedy. That wasn't an easy thing to hear especially for Kelly!

Watch your step!

Somewhere in Afghanistan, Taylor stepped on an IED but thankfully, because of his exceptional leadership and team mates, the young man was safe from the blast. However, the injuries that followed the aftermath was not an easy thing to face.

Keeping the hopes up

Regardless of the injuries, Taylor still managed to keep his hopes up and fight his way to leading a fairly normal life. It may be easy to say but when the trauma itself is difficult to bear, there's not much that high spirits could do!

There she stood, right by his side

The cost of the aftermath is not only faced by the victim but the loved ones around him as well. This is often the key to let go for most couples but not Kelly, she made sure she stood by him through every step of the way.

Even after he got prosthetics

Losing his limbs was difficult but there's not much he could have done without the support of his girlfriend. Even after he got his prosthetics, Kelly made sure that he felt as normal and new as he could. If that isn't true love then I don't know what is!

Through physiotherapy and the best

She stood by him as he endured the toughest parts of physiotherapy and yet again when he started to get up by himself. Kelly's undying love and devotion to Taylor Morris truly defined their relationship and proved true love exists.

Getting out

Nobody wants to get out and face the world when such tragedy befalls them, not unless they have a support to push their limits. Kelly vowed to do just that and eventually stood by him as he ventured out to the world again.

Only growth

Through it all, the lovebirds only felt their love grow and flourish through the tragedy. Both of the two understand their positions and roles, and each allowing the best to be faced. Taylor Morris slowly gained his strength and started to feel brand new again.

And it grew to a happy ending

Knowing a love like that is difficult to find, the pair decided to not only walk out into the world but also walk down the aisle to a better, more fulfilling tomorrow. Just goes to show you, a picture can indeed be worth a billion words!

Back to normality

And as time passed by, the loss of yesterday only grew to become a sign of power and growth as Taylor and Kelly began their lives living as a normal couple. The beauty in perfection stand tall as they walk hand in hand towards a new life.

And forever is theirs

From the moment they first met to today, Kelly has proven to hold Taylor's hand to forever and that's exactly what they do. As times pass on, their love on grows and this couple continues to define strength and inspiration for those around.

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