15 Funny Pics That Destroyed the Internet

Humor | By Ian Anglin | November 7, 2017

Today you are going to see all kinds of weird pictures that wrecked the internet. They didn't wreck the internet in the literal sense of the word, but they became so viral and funny, that people had to share them. Some of these have already been viewed millions of times, and it is your time to join in on the fun. Some of the photos are from social media website, like Twitter and YouTube, while others are real-life photos of accidents that happened to people.

Testing a New Phone

It seems that Lacey was at Best Buy, to check out some of the featured phones. While checking the phones, he logged in his Twitter account but forgot to log out. A random saw what happened, and tweeted a photo of himself on Lacey's twitter feed.

The Attack Dog

Here is a funny dog - the dog here not only climbed on top of the sink but is also barking at the tissue dispenser, while angrily removing pieces of tissue. Now, this is a dog with attitude - just imagine the types of problems it does at home to its owners.

The Heartbroken Dog

Here is a Twitter user, that posed a cute photo of its dog. The dog is making some rather sad faces because it got yelled at for eating everything it found in the owner's trash can. Dogs do like investigate all the nooks and crannies at home, don't they?

Trolling Fox News

Here is a girl, 16-year old Makenzie Coates, that run away from home. Her parents were worried sick, and once she saw the announcement of her search on Fox 10's twitter feed, she tweeted back to them, asking why they choose such a bad photo of her!

The Best Fraternity Ever

Fraternities are an important aspect of life on campus - that's why some genius business person decided to open a Japanese restaurant called "Kappa Sushi." Hopefully, the stunt worked out, and now he is selling tons of delicious sushi.

That's Not a Dog

This guy tweeted this photo, saying that "this weird dog won't get off my car." Another poster replied back to him, saying dogs don't sit on cars, so it must be a cat. It looks like both of them are wrong, as that looks like a seal that escaped the zoo!

Not Everything is About You

Here is another funny twitter story. A guy seems to have incorrectly spelled his tweet, saying "Word 2016 has been the worst year yet." A Microsoft customer service employee immediately replied back, thinking the original poster was talking about Word 2016 and not the year 2016.

Printers Are Dangerous

Printers, photocopiers and other office equipment do hide some dangerous inside them. Just take a look at what happened to the girl in the above photo - the photocopies literally pulled over 300 strands of her hair. That must have hurt.

That's Not a Good Toy

Here is a weird tweet, that doesn't really seem to be following what happened in the photo they sent. The text reads "this is a gift for the kids, but it's so much more a gift for the parents." There is nothing gift-worthy in a device that splashes a piece of cake in a kid's face.

Nuns Having Fun

Just because nuns swear off from sexual intimacy, drinking, gambling and other stuff, doesn't mean they have sworn off having fun. Everyone likes playing in the first snow of the year, and nuns are no different - just look at them throwing snowballs at each other.

Selfie Sticks Are Awesome

Here is twitter post from a girl named Chloe. She says these two photos were the first things her dad sent her after buying himself a selfie stick. The guy obviously knows how to have fun, as the photos he sent are hilarious.

There's an App For That

Some time ago, apps that could swap a person's face were all the rage on the Android and Apple App Stores. A guy tried to swap his face with - his face. He got the results, and tweeted "don't know what I expected." Everyone can agree with that statement.

John Cena's Weird Sweater

A guy named Chris tweeted a photo, saying he had breakfast while sitting next to John Cena. He wants to have a word with Cena's stylist, as the guy is wearing a 3D sweater - there is half a fluffy animal entering from his back, and the other half is on the front of his sweater. Weird stuff.

Delivery by Drone

Someone shared a photo on Snapchat, showing the method they used to give $50 they owed. They sent the money to a coworker by using a drone - but instead of making it easy, they flew the drone around the guy so that he had to "work" to get the money.

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