15 Signs That Your Relationship Is At It's Peak Comfort Level

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | November 7, 2017

There comes a time within a relationship that both the members can finally feel comfortable around each other. As the relationship grows and passes by, a time comes when both the people in a relationship can trust each other and know that they can be themselves without being judged by the other. Here are 15 things that you do in a relationship, which indicate that you are probably moving to the next level or are already on it.

You Go to Washroom In Front of Them

You probably never expected to use the bathroom in front of your partner. You probably might have not wanted them to know that you use the bathroom. But, as time passes by, the comfort levels rise and you can take a dump while they brush their teeth.

You Don't Care About Make-up when you are With Them

Perhaps the biggest indication of moving to the next stage is that you just stop caring about putting on your make up when they are around. They have seen your absolute best and absolute worst and can certainly do without you tiring yourself with makeup.

You Are Not Bothered With the F Word

Nah, we are not talking about F*ck! By F we mean family and if both of you are serious about taking it to the next level, then family has a really important role to play. You have probably already met their family or are going to meet them soon, but that doesn't bother you anymore.

Their Friends Are Your Friends

If you go into the next stage of a relationship, you have to be ready for sharing friends. Their friends ultimately become your friends and your friends become theirs. This eventually forms a big social circle that will third-wheel all of your dates.

You Have Both Gone Through an Epic Cold

There is nothing better than seeing your loved one take care of you during a tiring cold. Seasonal colds may look innocent, but they can often get out of hand. It is always a blessing to see them care for you and kiss you on your head during the impediment.

You Discuss Everything

By everything we mean literally everything, including how your boss in the office was flirting with you and how the guy sitting next to you is a fart machine. The sheer joy of sharing with each other is an indication that you are bound for the next level.

You Can Do All Bodily Functions in Front of Them

Well, this may be the gross part of a relationship, amid all the love, but once you get the emotional attachment to yawn, burp or fart in front of them then you can vouch for the future. Also how they shrug it off is just so cute.

You Stay Healthy Together

There is nothing better than doing things together. Working out is one thing that most couple do together when they run deep into their relationship. Both of you give each other tips on how to reduce the excess body fat.

You Tease Each Other

Banter is part and parcel of every relationship. It is just amazing, how you can tease the other person one second and grab them by their waist for a kiss, the next second. This is what love is all about, kissing and teasing.

You Take Up Hobbies

She starts going to the games with you, while you start reading with her. Taking up one another hobbies is just the most amazing thing and ensures that you literally have a lot to talk about during the whole day.

You Don't Over Celebrate

You have realized the gains of remaining sober in each other's presence and thus refrain from celebrating too much. Your celebrations are centered on each other and even a kiss can make your day on Valentine's or your anniversary.

You Comfort Each Other

There is nothing better than being in a relationship where you can count on the other persons support. They are ready to support you at all times and one hug or an elongated cuddle from their side can relieve you from all the sufferings.

You Miss the Quirks

You are with someone who has an annoying or an irritating habit about them, but when they leave that habit is just the thing that you miss most about them. You missing them and their occasional quirks is what indicates that your relationship is headed to the next level.

You Don't Leave Each Other's Side

You love each other to the moon and back and are never willing to leave each other's side. You stick by each other through thick and thin and are willing to leave everything at work to get back home to lay down with them.

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