What Your Lipstick Color Says About Your Personality

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | November 7, 2017

Buying the perfect lipstick color can be a challenge for makeup enthusiasts. Although, some lipsticks may seem the same to the human eye, a female knows the undertones that lie within a single shade. When on the search for your favorite lipstick color, what is the color that you always search for? The majority of people look for the colors that flatter them the most. Similar to our dressing, our lipstick color has something to say about our personality. Below, we have discussed a few lipstick colors and what personality trait they represent.

No Lipstick Look

The girls that choose to not wear any lipstick are the low maintenance girls. Wearing no lipstick makes you seem like you do not care which is partially true because if you did, you would have a little effort into making yourself look alive.

Glossed Lips ONLY

You are a leader, not a follower. Girls that choose to wear just lip-gloss only are classified as friendly. They do not like to wear colors that a typical girl would wear therefore they do something different from the majority.

Quiet and Shy

The nude lip color is for the girls that are quiet and shy. They prefer to be in the background rather than being the center of attention. Once people get to know these girls, they fall in love with their personality, as they are very kind and passionate about what they love.

Feminine Touch

Girls that like giving off feminine and girly vibes, choose the color baby pink. They love dressing up, groom themselves well and living in their own cotton candy world. They are the dreamers and no matter what, they will not give into the harsh realities of this world.

Mischievous Look

Girls that opt for hot pink lips are the bubbly and energetic ones. Women that go for this color are playful and have a mischievous characteristic that they like to keep undercover. These girls can make great friends, as they will keep you entertained.

Independent Girl

The girls that choose to sport the brownish-pink lip color are the ones that are seen as the independent, intelligent, and serious girls. Although, they may seem to be uptight, these girls are low maintenance and try to keep to themselves.

Adventurous Chick

Coral lips are for those girls that have a love for the outdoors and a very positive outlook on life. They would be happy as long as they are under the sun or hiking through trails. Their love for adventure is prominent in their personality and they are always optimistic about their life.

Young, Wild and Free

Girls that choose to rock orange lips are seen as the fun girls as this is not a color many can pull off. If a girl is drawn towards this color then it means that she is carefree, energetic, and extremely whimsical. She is the type of girl that would like to stand out from the crowd.

Radiate Warmth

Peach lips are similar to the orange shade, but it is on the calmer side. This color gives off a kind and warm vibe. The person looking at you with this shade on will categorize you as a cheerful person and the warmth you have within.

Confident and Bold

Red is for the bold, confident females. The girls that would want all eyes on them and they radiate a sensual vibe. There is no way a girl can be overlooked when she wearing this bold color. Luckily, this color generally flatters the majority of the females.


Similar to its cousin shade, red, burgundy is for those females that like making a statement without being the center of attention. Women that sport this color are reserved yet they are strong individuals. They have their thoughts straight in them minds making them even more beautiful.

Mysterious Ones

Mauve is the mixture of grey and purple. This shade has a strong sophisticated vibe while letting some things stay a mystery. Although, this shade does give a very feminine vibe, it allows you to keep certain things under the covers, which makes people wonder more.


Plum is the color for the girls that like to be known as individuals and have always wanted to flaunt their unique styles. They are the girls that are bold, daring and do not care about what people have to say about them.

Let the Creativity Speak

Girls that rock unique colors such as greens, blues, and yellows are the most creative ones. They are not afraid of stepping out of their comfort zones as this way they are allowing the world to see past their face. They are artsy and have a big, big imagination.

Dark Side

Just because you are rocking black lips, does not mean that you are a depressed person. The girls that choose to wear this color show the world that they have a dark side. Contrary to popular belief, these girls have the good taste in music, books, and movies.

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