11 Famous Women Who Simply Do Not Age

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | November 7, 2017

Ah celebrities. No wonder they look so flawless all the time! With money comes the advantage of availing the best pharmaceutical technological advances and mortals, creams and powders to keep them looking young! While some show amazing outcomes, others can end terribly. However, it's not always the money that plays a role, it's how they tend to maintain themselves to make them look forever young! Remember, there's nothing a good routine doesn't change.

Investments, Investments!

Money is a major factor that plays a role for most people and that's true without a doubt. But you really don't have to spend millions to keep yourself fit and young. All you have to do is know how to invest in yourself and you'll be good.

Stop listening to others

People suddenly become experts when it comes to giving your advice. This is often always the case especially when it comes to maintaining a good routine. How do celebrities stay so young? Well, they do what they want, that's how!

Transformations take time, have some patience!

The thing about transformations is that they take time. Women tend to want immediate results and once they fail to avail it, they end up giving up. You really wouldn't get anywhere with that attitude! These celebrities have really made that very clear.

Would you look at them?!

These women have truly taken beauty by a storm. So much so that they practically look immortal and no, it's not always the results of a healthy work out. The secret to these women are diets, lifestyle and basically everything women tend to ignore these days. Here are some women who never seem to age:

#1: Madonna

Even at the age of 57, this queen of pop still manages to look absolutely gorgeous! Even though she manages to stay fit and young, it's still quite a shock that she's a grandmother. One of her grandchildren is only 15 years old!

#2: Maribel Gaurdia

Also 56 years old, this actress is known to turn quite a lot of heads when she walks down the street! It's really amazing how this Mexican actress tends to stay gorgeous even at this age. And what's even more amazing is all that beauty is all natural!

#3: Tish Cyrus

Mother of a very controversial daughter, Miley Cyrus, Tish is very well known to keeping up her appearances. Now we know where Miley gets her good looks and style from! Being 48 years old, Tish Cyrus is known to be far better than her daughter!

#4: Elsa Pataky

She may not look like it but you have to believe it! Elsa is 39 years old and rocking her style to the fullest. Being the wife of Chris Hemsworth, she is known to perfect the family picture and completely take away the attention from Chris!

#5: Jennifer Aniston

Famously known for her role as Rachel in FRIENDS, Jennifer is still known to be amongst the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Even though she's 45 years old, she continues to look absolutely stunning! Seriously, it's like she never ages!

#6: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine is known by the magazines as being amongst the most beautiful women of all times and there's really no denying that statement! She's 45 years old and from nowhere could you tell that shes aging. Talk about perfecting beauty, huh?

#7: Demi Moore

Even after generations have taken the stand for beauty, Demi continues to shine her way through. Being 53 years old, she's known to be a shining beacon of beauty for all of women. There's really no way you can deny all that beach time didn't pay off!

#8: Jennifer Lopez

Puerto Rican women are generally known for their beauty but Jennifer Lopez managed to conquer the world with hers. Being 46 years old and still able to rock every dress and swim suits available is truly something to be proud of!

#9: Angelina Jolie

Without a doubt, Angelina Jolie is most definitely amongst the most beautiful women in the world. She even managed to give her boyfriend one of the bog ups in his list! Being a striking age of 42 years old and still looking like that is amazing!

#10: Salma Hayek

Low cut dresses never looked as good as it does on Salma! Being almost the quarter of a century old, she continues to break the internet with her forever young body and the amazing skin to enhance her style! She's undoubtedly taking over generations of fashion.

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