Woman Who Suffered Paralyzing Accident At Age 9 Shocks The World 20 Years Later

Inspiration | By Ian Anglin | November 7, 2017

Today's story is about Jasmin Britney, a girl from Finland. She got in a horrible accident when she was 9-years old, which caused her to become paralyzed from the neck down. Seventeen years have passed since the accident, and Jasmin has learned how to deal with the handicap in her everyday life - so much so that she has even started to practice a few unique hobbies that have completely changed her life. Learn more her story through the photos below.

She is 29-Years Old

Today Jasmin Britney is a healthy and active 29-year old. Her spinal chord got severed back in 1988, but that has not stopped her from perusing her ultimate hobby. The result of her success in this unique hobby has gained her thousands of fans throughout the whole world.

She Draws Inspiration From Her Idols

Jasmin's idols include her favorite figure - Barbie, as well as Britney Spears, Cinderella, and Princess Jasmine. She spends 4 hours each day trying to model her look, body and outfit to her idols. Seeing her photos, it seems like she has nailed it.

She Has Spend Over $15,000 to Look like Barbie

Jasmine told reporters during a recent interview, "Bringing out my inner Barbie and fairytale princess boosts my self-confidence." She also mentioned later on that she also loved the Spice Girls and Disney Princesses during her early childhood.

She Was Hit by a Taxi

Jasmin's tragic story begins on March 17th, when she got hit by a distracted taxi driver, who's car sent her flying 23-meters in the air. She had her old, native Finnish name back then, which was Katariina Koskiranta. She was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Waking Up in the Hospital

Once the accident happened, Jasmin was taken to the hospital, where she underwent immediate surgery. After waking up, she couldn't feel any part of her body. "I could see by the look in my parent's eyes that something wasn't right," said Jasmin.

It Was a Miracle She Survived

Although her spinal cord was severed, and there was no hope for treating her conditions, it was still a miracle that she even survived the whole ordeal. Her siblings Janne and Satu, then aged 14 and 24, did their best to spend time reading to her.

She Decided to Never Give Up

After realizing the severity of her situation, Jasmin decided not to give up. Instead, she would turn into her childhood heroes and thus serve as an inspiration to other people who have similar problems. Her friend and caretaker Henriikka helps her every day.

She Changed Her Name

Jasmin's efforts to remake her look into her childhood heroes did not stop with just her hair and makeup. She also changed her name, formed by a combining Britney Spears and Princess Jasmine. This is similar to how Marilyn Manson came up with his stage name.

She Never Leaves the House Without High Heels

According to a recent interview, Jasmine said: "I never leave the house without the perfect Barbie look and high heels, even though I can't walk." Her look is not just an eccentric hobby for herself, but it has also turned into a symbol of hope for all those in need.

She Wants to Become a Fashion Designer

Today Jasmin is working towards getting her diploma, hoping that's going to help her become a fashion designer. She is also active on Facebook and YouTube, where she is raising awareness and also raises money for people with spinal cord injuries.

Jasmine is a Reminder That You Should Never Give Up on Your Dreams

Although Jasmine's look is her own unique style, that still means that every else should also feel free to pursue what makes them happy. Life is so short and fragile, meaning no one should be stopped from pursuing the dreams that make him or her happy.

She Refuses to Believe She Won't Walk Again

Seeing her high heels collection, it is obvious that Jasmine refuses to believe she won't be walking again." My life changed when I was nine years old so I post my pictures online to inspire other people who have spinal injuries or live with debilitating conditions and I refuse to believe I won't walk again," she says.

A Breakthrough Can Happen at Any Moment

Jasmin's inspiration is not just about pursuing dreams - she also wants to be ready for the time when a breakthrough can happen. She says her look is a symbol and reminder for her to be ready for that future period medical science will progress enough to fix her spinal cord.

She is Living Life to the Fullest

Her accident and subsequent injury haven't stopped her from living life to the fullest. She said, "I have been unable to move since my accident but it hasn't stopped me living life to the full and for me, that means posing as the world's only quadriplegic Barbie and Britney look alike."

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