15 Ultimate Signs That Prove You Have Found Mr. Right

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | November 6, 2017

Finding Mr. Right (or Mr. Perfect as some women prefer to call him) is one of the most important interesting things women do, once they start seeking a partner for a serious relationship. There are many guys who may display certain "Mr. Right" attributes, but that does not mean they are the right fit for you. Many players and playboys have also learned different strategies that play on the emotions girls feel, in order to try and manipulate them. This guide will prevent that from happening to you.

Accepting Each Other

One of the true hallmarks of being in a relationship that is right for you is being with a partner that accepts you for who you are. Mr. Right is always going to like you, without trying to change your personality or the things you like doing.

He Tries to Improve Himself

A guy that loves and respects is always going to be working on improving himself. Improving himself is not just about weight lifting or losing weight - it is also about being self-aware are noticing and fixing bad habits before they become a routine.

You Are a Better Person Because of Him

Another surefire sign of being in a healthy relationship is feeling like you are becoming a better and more complete person because of the spent with your partner. A proper relationship should not feel like a chore or something that fills you with negative energy.

You Have No Secrets

You will know that your partner loves and cares for you if the two of you have no secrets. Just as you can share anything with him, so can he. He is not afraid of telling you his future plans, nor his past emotional traumas - because he trusts you.

You Know His Family

This might be slightly retro-sounding, but knowing each other's family is a sign of trust and bonding between two people. He won't have to request your hand from your father, but the fact that you know each other's parents promises future stability.

You Can't Stop Seeing Each Other

You will know that you have hooked Mr. Right if he is always ready and trying to spend more quality time with you. On the other hand, an uncaring and unloving partner is often going to be busy or emotionally unavailable.

You Have Faith in the Future of the Relationship

Another strong indicator of being in a good relationship is your gut feeling about it. If you are feeling positive emotions and thoughts about the future of the relationship, and if the partner satisfies the other criteria listed in this article - you might be on the right track.

He Is Interested In Your Life

A loving, respecting partner is going to be interested in all sorts of areas regarding your life. Your partner should be asking and remembering how you're doing at school or at work, and he should also be caring if you are under any type of emotional distress.

You Feel Safe around Him

You should feel the safest and most secure when you are with your partner. Feeling safe and comfortable is a byproduct of being in a loving, caring and trusting relationship. You should not feel dread and other negative emotions when you are with your partner.

Feeling Loved and Cherished

This one is similar to the feeling safe and secure part of the article. A proper partner and relationship should leave you feeling loved and cherished at the end of every date and night out. Where else can you get more love, if not with your partner?

Your Friends and Family Love Him

Another telltale sign of having a great man by your side is if his friends and family love him. More than that, his friends should be loyal and respecting - that's how guys treat other guys they respect. If on the other hand, his friends seem to be only interested in shallow relationships, that could be a bad sign.

Having Personal Space

Mr. Right is never going to "suffocate" you. Suffocation means not leaving you with enough personal space and not respecting your personal boundaries. Mr. Right is always going to know how to walk that fine line between caring and needy.

Respecting Your Privacy

Every person has a right to privacy - and privacy is something your relationship should be able to offer you. Just because he is your husband or boyfriend, doesn't mean he can check your room or diaries and read text messages from your friends.

Enhancing Your Strong Points

To succeed in life, you need to play on your strong points and downplay your weaknesses. A loving partner should be capable of knowing what your strengths are, and know how to help you out to use them to the best of your ability.

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