The Addams Family: Then Vs Now (15 Photos)

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | November 6, 2017

Halloween season has passed over our heads, but nothing can prevent us from recalling us the simpler times when we had nothing to care about, but to enjoy our childhood. Well, there is nothing that can steal our memories from us. One of the most loved films of the era gone by was Addams Family. The story of twists upon twists regarding a family that was really weird had us in coughs. If you are a fan of the film do read on, because we have something special in store.

Their Cast Now

Nothing rekindles old flames more than the thought of seeing stars from the past and how they look now. While a person grows, it is always refreshing to see how the stars that redefined their past are also growing along with them.

Anjelica Houston as Morticia Adams

Cast and crew have stated that it was uber-attractive singer and model Cher that wanted to play the role or Morticia, but Anjelica Huston was the first choice for Scott Rudin (Producer) all along. Huston had to endure here eyes being blatantly stretched with glue to film her scenes.

Christopher Lloyd as Uncle Fester

Even before Christopher Lloyd was cast for the film, he was a great fan of Fester. He had grown up reading Charles Addams' cartoons and fond of the bald-headed uncle. He even sacrificed on his hair to ensure that the scenes were perfect.

Christina Ricci as Wednesday Adams

We just can't get over how hot Christina Ricci has grown up to be. Christina Ricci had a nag for perfectly portraying dark characters within horror films and eventually went on to star in Sleepy Hollow, Casper and Monster among others.

Jimmy Workman as Pugsley Addams

Although Jimmy is not associated with acting anymore, he is not far from the industry because of his sisters. Ariel Winters and Shanelle Workman are involved in major acting roles. The former, Ariel Winters, is best known for her busty figure and playing Alex Dunphy in Modern Family

Carel Struycken as Lurch

The lurch was one reason kids got so intimidated by what was happening in the family. Although Carel Struycken played an important part as a 7 footer, he might be recognizable as the giant starring in Twin Peaks.

John Franklin as Cousin Itt

John Franklin played a rather weird role under a large, heavy, full body wig. Cast from the movie were found joking about how the wig weighed more than 30 pounds, which was one third of the overall weight of John Franklin at that time.

Carol Kane as Grandmamma Addams

Such was the versatility in the acting of Carol Kane that she played the role of the grandmamma when she certainly wasn't one. Both Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia were younger than him when the movie was being shot.

Kaitlyn and Kristen Hooper as Pubert Addams

One really interesting thing from the movie was that little Pubert Addams was played by twin girls Kristen and Kaitlyn Hooper. Safe to say, both of them have grown up to be really hot and still look really similar to each other.

Christopher Hart's hand as Thing

The body behind the mischievous hand belonged to none other Christopher Hart, who is famous as a magician and a hand model. He has appeared in numerous movies after the Addams Family and has interestingly played the role of a hand in all of them.

Raul Julia

Raul Julia, who played the role of Gomez Addams in the movie, had died a couple of years after the release of the film in 1994, which is why he was not added while this list was being made by our team.

Other Childhood Family Films

We are sure that the cast of Addams Family and how they are currently would have sent you in a ride to yesterland, which is why we will talk about a couple of other films that were part of our growing stages. These classics astound children to date.

Lion King

There is nothing that sends a child into a rollercoaster of emotions in a better way than Lion King. Every child experiences and feels happiness, sadness, loneliness, friendship, love and pride during the course of this classical 90s film.


Based on the story by Roald Dahl, Matilda is one movie that reigned supreme during the 90s. The movie had actors who perfectly enacted the characters crafted by Dahl and ensured that all the roles were brilliantly played as per the demands of the script.

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