Youtuber Wakes from 3-month Coma After Giving Birth with Covid-19

Weird | By Antwan Moss | March 11, 2021

Remember the old days when there were only a handful of celebrities for us to love and adore? Everyone knew them by name, and if they ever uttered a word to the public, it was heavily rehearsed and very minimal. There was mystery when it came to classic celebrities. That mystery is gone now.

Our most common celebrities now are social media influencers and Youtubers. This is a complete paradigm shift from the celebrities of yesteryear. Curiosity and mystery are no longer the concepts at the heart of fame. The heart of influencers and youtubers is being completely open. Fans expect to know every little detail about them.

What has come of this interesting and open relationship between fan and star is that we know A LOT about these people. That means there are lots of crazy stories involving these people for us to discover. This one is especially interesting, because this Youtuber caught covid, gave birth, and then came out of it three months later.

Merry Christmas! You had a boy! And Covid! And you’re in a coma!

For many people Christmas Day is an incredibly special and memorable day. In fact, there are few days that compare in importance and pomp and circumstance. There might only be one that’s more important, and that would be the birth of your child. Imagine if those two days were on the same day? Wouldn't that be special? There are only a few things that could ruin something like that. Like catching Covid-19 for one, or even worse, going into a 3 month long coma. That’s exactly what happened to British Youtuber Grace Victory.

Grace Victory gave birth to her son on Christmas day and was put in a medically induced coma that would last three months. Now Grace is out of her coma and went on Twitter recently to spread the good news to her followers.

Grace has Recovered

Grace went on Twitter earlier in the week to reveal that everything was OK, saying “baby boy is thriving at home.” Grace Victory and her boyfriend Lee “LPW” Williams were set to have the baby, however, Grace caught Covid-19 and was suffering respiratory issues, forcing the baby to deliver her child early. The baby did well, however, that wasn’t the case for Grace Victory.

Grace Victory’s sister, Charleigh, went on Instagram to ask for thoughts and prayers as Grace recovered in her coma: “I know she had to do this, SHE knows she had to do this, she just needs this time to rest, so she comes back stronger and fighting fit. She’s been given new superpowers as she’s a mama now, her ultimate dream come true & her son (who is absolutely unbelievable) really, really needs his mummy.”

Pregnant Woman are a High Risk Group

Covid-19 is especially dangerous for pregnant women. Pregnancy increases the risk of illnesses. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, it can cause preterm deliveries and even stillbirths. This is why expecting mothers are able to get the vaccine. While Youtubers might not be one of the groups who can easily get the vaccine, at least pregnant women are protected.

Dr. Richard Besser, who was a former DCD acting director, spoke with TODAY and talked about what expecting mothers should consider when it comes to covid-19. He said, “If you’re in a situation where you have a high likelihood of being exposed to COVID, then vaccination is something you should consider because science is suggesting that it’s safe. There’s nothing about the vaccines that have been licensed so far that raise any red flags.”



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