Woman Who Gorilla Glued Her Hair Donating Money to Charity

Humor | By Charlie Blacks II | February 14, 2021

As long as there have been human beings, there have been human beings doing silly things that get them in trouble. That has always been the case since humans first walked this Earth, but it only seems amplified by things like the internet where video of these big mistakes can be shared.

We all remember the Tide Pod challenge, where kids would film themselves eating Tide Pods, the toxic laundry product. No one could believe that kids would be so foolish as to eat something that could easily harm them, but alas, there is video proof of it all over the internet.

There have been many other cringe and fail videos before and after the Tide Pod challenge, because people just can’t help but get themselves in trouble. The most recent saga in fail videos is of one woman who used Gorilla Glue to slick her hair back, however, the story has a happy ending.

Gorilla Glue is Not a Hair Product

It is always a good day when we are gifted with another hilarious internet video to collectively laugh at. Tik Tok has been doing the heavy lifting these days when it comes to entertaining internet videos. The short clips often set to music or someone else’s dialogue often lend themselves to funny moments. The big moment this month belongs to Tesica Brown, a 40-year-old woman from Louisiana who documented herself after she had used gorilla glue to slick back her hair. As you can guess, it did not end well for her.

Her video shows her revealing that she had made the terrible mistake a week ago and her hair was still solid as a rock. The immediate question on everyone’s mind was why she thought that would be a good idea in the first place. It is super glue, after all.

$24,000 Hair Cut

Word spread quickly across the internet and people quickly started to conjecture how Gorilla Glue would respond. In the past, companies have been sympathetic to people who have been hurt by their product or have unintentionally advertised their product. A few days later, Gorilla Glue came out with a statement telling people to adhere to the warnings on the bottle, though the warning doesn’t say not to use it on hair.

The internet was split on what should happen. Some felt it was the woman’s fault so she should receive nothing, while others felt that she might as well get some money from a big company for her misfortune. Needing assistance either way, Tessica Brown started a Go Fund Me and raised $24,000 so that she could get plastic surgery to save her head.

Tessica Brown Donates Her Go Fund Me Earnings

Tessica Brown has come out of this situation winning, and not just because of the good fortune that has come her way, but also because of her own good heart. Dr. Michael Obeng is a surgeon who has decided to treat her condition for free, despite her 1,400 donations on her GoFundMe page. What about all those GoFundMe donations? She is only keeping $1,000 to cover the bills form an emergency room visit, but the rest will go to Dr. Obeng’s foundation.

Tessica Brown has also used her viral fame to sell merchandise, so no matter what, she has come out of this on top. Will this just embolden others to make stupid decisions in the chance that they can make some money? Perhaps it will, but people will do stupid things no matter what, so there’s no stopping it.



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