Woman Sees Her Dog in the Clouds Hours After it Passes

Weird | By Antwan Moss | July 2, 2020

Owning a dog is a bittersweet experience. They can provide so much love and joy in our lives. They are our best friends. They are our companions. They also have a much shorter life span than humans. The sad truth is that you are guaranteed to outlive your furry friend.

It can be an upsetting fact, but that's just how life is. The only thing you can do is provide your pet love while it's still around. In truth, your pet will always be with you in your heart. They return to give you joy with little memories of all the good times.

Saying goodbye to your pet can be hard, but just remember, they are looking down at you from heaven. All dogs go to heaven, after all, right? That's exactly what happened with Sunny, a 14 year old dog who apparently visited his owner in death through the clouds.

Sunny was a Parson Russell Terrier with diabetes

Sunny was a beautiful 14 year old dog who had suffered a seizure and tragically passed away on June 20th. The dog belonged to Lucy Ledgeway, and in fact, Sunny had passed away in Lucy's father's arms. Lucy thought that it meant goodbye forever, but that wasn't the case. Lucy was spotted just hours later. No, the dog didn't come back from the dead. The dog's face appeared in the clouds.

Lucy Ledgeway rescued Sunny, the Parson Russell terrier, when she was 6. Sunny was only one years old at the time. Sunny actually always had health issues according to Lecgeway who lives in York, England. After being diagnosed with diabetes last year, vets only gave her a little more than a year to live. Despite this, Sunny was a happy dog who loved to have fun.

Sunny's Health Suddenly Deteriorated

Despite taking insulin for over a year, Sunny's health started to take a turn for the worse. Only a couple of days before Sunny passed away, she had a terrible health scare. Sunny began having digestive issues. She was throwing up and constipated. It was all leading to the fear that they would have to put Sunny down.

Luckily, Sunny bounced back to have one last day of joy with her family. According to ledgeway, “She was in bed up until around 2 p.m., and then my brother got a bag of crisps out and started eating and she started sniffing up. It gave us a bit of hope, like, ‘Oh, so she'll be all right.'” Sunny's disposition had improved so much that even the veterinarians began to think that she would bounce back.

Sunny Visits in the Clouds

Despite feeling better after smelling the bag of crisps, Sunny passed away the next morning. Ledgeway was so emotionally distraught that she decided to look up in the sky for a sign that Sunny was ok. Just a couple hours later, she did just that and got a surprising message: Sunny's face in the clouds. Ledgeway recalled the moment saying, “I was in shock really, in disbelief. The thing is, I was sad all day and then as soon as I saw her, it just made me laugh. It made me giggle to myself and it made me happy. And I think that happening has made it easier to grieve.”

Ledgeway took a photo of the cloud and shared it online where it went viral. Of course, some corners of the internet went negative and decided to say it was fake, but Ledgeway knows it's real, which gives her comfort.



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