What A 5 Year Old Wanted To Buy So Bad He Drove There

Humor | By Courtney Richard | July 5, 2020

We've all made, and continue to make, impulse purchases. It can be just the mints, eyeglass repair kits and once upon a time, the paperback digests of Archie Comics, to be found in the grocery store checkout aisle, more seductive with every minute spent behind someone arguing a 30 cent coupon.

Or it can be your mid range crazy buys, be they impractical kitchen gadgets that promise to make faster meals take you longer than ever before, or be they new phones that the store very helpfully offers to give you a charge card to pay for! It's basically totally free.

Or it might be a sweet candy apple red Lamborghini that you race up and down the highway with the windows down to let the wind blow through your oh so thin hair and make you giggle like a 5 year old boy, if you're 50. Or actually 5.

A Child Denied

It's a story as old as time. You're a kid, and you want something very, very badly. Your mom says no, because you haven't started having good ideas yet and nixing bad ones is much of the job for her. So you pitch a fit, and unlike the better reasoned and constructed tantrums thrown by adults that get what they want, yours is dicey. Mom stands firm.

So naturally you go to where her keys are, stack things on top of things until you're high enough to reach them, then begin the slow descent back down to the floor. Numerous nearly insurmountable obstacles later, you're driving the family car to go get the one that will make you the envy of every kid at school who can differentiate between more than one kind of car.

The End Of The Road

But the dreams of babes are too beautiful for this world, and the 5 year old boy of that relatable tale tragically did not get all the way to his nearest Ferrari dealership. Unfortunately, like too many young men of five, his story ends with blue and red lights, and not even the kind that are on the educational toys from Montessori.

The police who pulled him over were impressed with first of all his pulling over skills, to say nothing of the rest of his driving concepts mastered. But faced with this defeated speed demon of the highways, determined to gun his engines too close to the sun, the maturity ended there, as they saw fit to make fun of the mere 3 dollars he had to buy his Ferrari. It's called haggling, officers.

New Hope

As far as the prospects go of a 5 year old boy with his first brush with unjust authority already under his belt, if in fact he's wearing pants with belts yet, it's just not going to be easy. Grand Theft Kindergarten is going to pop up on any attempt to secure a loan, and that's if next time he makes it to a bank.

But the news is not all bad. He's not likely to succeed with a second attempt to go rogue and buy a Ferrari. And mom will not change her mind and just buy him the car now. But remember: he's now a famous outlaw, and importantly, a cause celebre. Famous and powerful supporters will flock to him, help him write a book about his story. The signing bonus? A Ferrari.



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