Sister Gives Brother List of Ridiculous Demands to Move In With Her

Lifestyle | By Emily Malone | April 5, 2020

Do you have a sibling? How do you two get along? Is it all laughs and love? Or is it one of those sibling relationships that is more like something out of a Marvel movie? Lots of fighting and drama. The types of relationships that two siblings can have can vary greatly.

Sure, some sibling relationships are bad, but some sibling relationships are great! It is like having a permanent best friend. If you have a relationship like that with your sibling, consider yourself lucky. You can probably finish each other's sentences and have plenty of inside jokes. What more can you really ask for?

There's one thing that's true about siblings: they don't hold back with each other. That's what happened with one sister who went a little too extra on her brother who wanted to move in with her. You'd think it would be just like when they were kids, but it was far from that.

It All Started When a Sister Asked her Brother to Move In

Living with your sister as an adult. That either sounds incredibly amazing, or it sounds like a nightmare. Which one is it for you? A man recently found out that it would be a complete nightmare living with his sister after she gave him an extremely strict and long list of rules for living with her. The funniest thing about it is that she asked HIM to move in with her.

It all started when a 20 year old young man was asked by his 22 year old sister to move in with him. It sounded like a great idea at first. After all, she had a very nice house, and he assumed that rent would be relatively cheap. Luckily, he didn't jump on the opportunity right away. He had some important questions to ask first.

A Long List of Rules

Before he agreed to move in, he wanted to think about the decision. Being a responsible young man, he wanted to make sure he knew the costs before making a decision, such as the price for rent, gas, internet, and what the agreement would be on groceries. That is when she revealed her house rules. They included, 1) no eating or drinking in the bedroom (bottles are OK), 2) no mess in the bedroom, 3) stay home most nights, 4) can't bring guys home all the time, 5) he must chip in for dog cleaning chores, 6) he has to drive if they go shopping, 7) he has to cook the meals.

"After reading that, I was like wtf. I told her I won't be moving in somewhere to be parented, if I want to bring guys home I will, I won't be loud though because I'm considerate that others are in the house. If I want to have a friend over, I don't need to ask, and I can eat whatever I want to, etc etc. She goes to me 'is that how you think it works everywhere?' To which I said yes.”

The Law Was on His Side

He came back to his sister with a list of laws that showed that what she is asking for is illegal, in terms of her being his landlord. That is because he is a law student! "While rules are obvious, every house has them, the general gist of the laws where I live are as long as you're not damaging the property, as long as you're paying the rent on time, there's not much else a landlord can require of someone - they can deny anyone living there for whatever reason, but they can't tell you what you're allowed to do in that space."

Unfortunately, their mom sided with the sister, saying that he should follow his sister's rules because they are family. Luckily, he asked Reddit what he should do and they all told him to avoid moving in with his sister, so that's what he'll be doing.



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