Released Prisoner Arrested For Stealing Cars In Prison Parking Lot

Humor | By Kylie Perry | April 30, 2021

Americans are a resilient bunch. Come what may, we take our lumps, we get up, we dust ourselves off, and we get right back at it. This has long been the secret of our greatness.

And this is no less true in the great state of Florida than it is anywhere in the US, a place where brave, bold individuals make their way in the world with guile and grit.

But in this specific instance, there is one person who stands head and shoulders among his brethren in cleverness and courage while reaching for the brass ring. We salute 37 year old Casey Lewis today.

How It Happened

Mr. Lewis had just been released from prison- to be sure, an exceptionally low point in anyone’s life- and had just begun to pick up the pieces of his life. He would have been excused for being discouraged and down in the dumps. Who among us would really have been so much better than that?

But that just was not who Mr. Lewis was or is, to stay flat on his back for very long. For he, a model for resolve and determination, had no sooner received his freedom from the St. Lucie County Detention Facility than he began once again to ply his trade. And that trade just so happens to be stealing cars. No shirker of his duties is Casey Lewis even though he could have taken the rest of the day off!

Caught! Again!

Regrettably, Lewis’ work ethic was not appreciated so much by the police, who happened to be nearby while Lewis worked at stealing cars in the parking lot of the prison. Lewis cannot of course be blamed for failing to foresee that cops would be close at hand after being allowed to leave the prison moments ago by police. It stands to reason, of course, that after discharging their duties by freeing Lewis, the police would simply leave the area and not be back for some time.

Unfortunately they made the unfathomable decision to stick around for a little longer, and re-arrested Lewis after inexplicably not believing his story that he was waiting to be picked up by his girlfriend inside of a car that was not his. There is too little trust in this world.

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Hopefully Lewis will not lose faith in his good judgment and plan, for nothing could be a greater shame than if he failed to follow trying to steal a car after being released the first time with trying to steal a car after being released the second time. After all, if the risk was minimal the first time- and it was- it will be even further reduced the second time since the very last thing the police will expect is yet another immediate theft attempt from Mr. Lewis.

In the meantime, let us all resolve always to strike while the iron is hot. Or, as it might be put another way, never be afraid to steal cars in the parking lot of a prison. The world belongs to men and women who dare so greatly.



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