Meet the 1st Pitbull Adopted After Denver’s 30-year Ban

Inspiration | By Angelica Osborn | January 25, 2021

Dogs are man’s best friend, and they have certainly earned that title. There is no better companion than a dog, and it’s not as if there isn’t some serious competition when it comes to cuddly creatures. The great thing about dogs is that they love everybody, not just their masters.

That doesn’t mean all dogs are looked at with the same loving lens. There are some dogs that aren’t as loved as others. Sometimes it’s personal preference, like when certain people don’t care for small, yappy dogs, but there is one dog that has had such a bad reputation that everyone knows its name.

I’m talking about the mighty pitbull. Often known as fighting dogs, or the type of dogs you see in gangster movies, many people fear pitbulls. The fear of pitbulls has led to them being banned in many places, notably Denver, Colorado who banned the dog 30 years ago. That has all changed now.

The End of a 30 Year Ban

Denver has had a long negative history with pitbulls. It was 30 years ago in 1989 when it became illegal to own any dog under the pit bull breed, specifically if it looked to have dominant pit bull traits. This includes three breeds, the American pit bull terriers, staffordshire bull terriers, and American Staffordshire terriers. This law was upheld until November 2020. Voters passed a law with an overwhelming majority that got rid of teh ban, however, it did add that pit bull owners would only get a provisional license and would have to have any bad incidents closely monitored.

The law came into effect on January 2nd and people wasted no time adopting. Gumdrop became the first pit bull to be adopted in Denver in over 30 years. This adorable 3-year-old pit bull now has a happy home.

From Gumdrop to Odin

Gumdrop was just a stray dog roaming the streets when he was picked up and adopted from the Denver Animal Shelter the very same day she was put up for adoption on January 2nd. Gumdrop was found as a stray and was scanned for a microchip, however, they were unable to find one. The Denver Animal Protection waited to see if anyone would come to claim him, but nobody came. That didn’t mean he didn’t have a family though. He just didn’t know it yet.

According to Ann Cecchine Williams of the Department of Public Health & Environment, a family with a baby traveled over an hour to meet and adopt Gumdrop. They have since renamed him Odin. A fitting name. According to Cacchine-Williams, “Odin is a fun-loving, sweet and energetic boy who loves playing with toys.”

Pit Bull Mania!

The pit bull mania is continuing to rise. Nine Denver residents have filled out the application to adopt a pit bull. Many others have had their dogs tested since now it wouldn’t be an issue if their dog was, in fact, a pit bull. In one instance, a dog named Nala was reunited with her owner following lifting the ban.

Whether it’s a pit bull or another furry creature, Cecchine-Williams encourages people to make sure they find the right pet for them. “We love it when people are open-minded about their adoption options because they may be surprised which cute critter makes perfect sense for their lifestyle. Everything from the animal’s energy, grooming needs, veterinary care, and even the dynamic of their home — other pets and people — should be considered when finding a new pet to love and adopt. It is surprising how many people come to us with a specific breed in mind and then realize they love another animal who’s a better fit for them.”



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