John Krasinski Hosting a Virtual Prom for Highschoolers

Lifestyle | By Adrianna Zavala | April 17, 2020

When life hands you lemons, you have no choice but to make lemonade. You have probably heard that saying before, and you've probably rolled your eyes when someone has told it to you. That's because we usually hear that saying when we're in the worst of times, when hope feels foolish.

Right now, it is safe to say that we are in the worst of times with Covid-19. Yes, history would prove that this isn't actually the worst, but it certainly feels like it. Loved ones are dying because of Covid-19, people are losing their jobs, and our once social communities are now silent.

As bleak as things seem, people are finding ways to be happy. Even better than that, people are finding ways to make others happy in these uncertain times. One of them is John Krasinski, though you may know him better as Jim from The Office. He's decided to DJ a virtual prom for highschoolers.

Prom is Cancelled

For teenagers, even the smallest inconvenience can seem like a world-ending, life altering event. It's not their fault. Drama is built into their DNA. That being said, teenagers everywhere are dealing with the same very serious drama that everyone else is: the Coronavirus. While it sucks for us adults to lose out on Coachella, it's a perfectly fine event to skip. Prom, however, is not an event you can miss and return to the next year. That's why highschoolers all over are heartbroken about the social distancing that has shut down school and effectively shut down prom.

That's where John Krasinski comes in. The actor who played Jim from The Office recently announced via TikTokthat he would be hosting a virtual prom on his Youtube channel, Some Good News, so that high school students can have a positive experience in these uncertain times.

Krasinski to the Rescue

John Krasinski shared a prom-tastic post on all his social media platforms that said, “That's right class of 2020. I'm DJing your prom with some friends this Friday 8EST/5PST! Click link in bio for invitation! See you then!" John Krasinksi is known for his sense of humor both on and off set, so he made sure to add some humor as well. He included a photo of himself at his prom with the caption, "First of all... you're welcome. Second of all I can't take it anymore how much you are all missing your prom. So let's do something about it!"

Krasinski won't be alone in his effort either. According to him, he will have a few guests making an appearance. I'm sure some of them will be his fellow cast members from The Office.

Some Good News for Everyone

John Krasinski has been very active since going into quarantine. Early on he began posting Youtube videos called Some Good News. It is a feel-good news show he produces at home with his family. Even the logo artwork featured in it is designed by one of his children. On the show, he talks about the good news for the week and has guests on to spread cheer.

Not only is he a funny guy looking to make people laugh, he also has a history of doing good deeds. He once brought a Hamilton fan to meet the cast when she could no longer go on her birthday. He also set up a meet and greet with David Ortiz and a Boston hospital's Covid unit where they were given Red Sox tickets for life. Let's hope Krasinski keeps spreading the cheer. We could use it.



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