Husband is Reunited with his Wife from Quarantine on her 84th Birthday

Inspiration | By Holly Patrick | April 6, 2020

Finding the love of your life must be one of the most amazing things that can happen to a person. The only downside is that then there is the opportunity to lose the love of your life. While that isn't a pleasant thought to think about, it is the reality of life and love.

Now more than ever, people are afraid of losing their loved ones due to Covid-19. It is terrifying to think that if a family member or loved one had to be taken to the hospital, you wouldn't be able to see them due to the hospitals being a quarantine zone.

Losing a loved one is bad enough, but there are also people who have to stay separated just to simply keep safe. With fears of spreading the virus, people are self-isolating. That means that people who were used to seeing each other every day, can no longer see each other, like Jerry and Beverley Lindell, a couple married for 63 years.

Jerry and Beverley Lindell Were Separated Due to Coronavirus

When you have been married for more than sixty years, it is safe to assume that you and your spouse have been through a lot together. Nothing can prepare any couple for what's currently going on with the Coronavirus. Jerry and Beverley Lindell are a couple who have been married for 63 years, and they certainly weren't prepared for it. The virus has kept them separated from each other for the longest period of time in their entire marriage due to being precautious about spreading the virus.

Reunited and it Feels So Good

On March 26th, Jerry Lindell was able to venture back home to Litchfield, Minnesota to reunite with his wife right in time for her birthday. He had been locked up at a local nursing home for precautionary reasons, but was able to get out for his wife. Beverley couldn't help but cry once she saw her husband. She told KARE, "I just thought we weren't supposed to hug, but I couldn't wait to grab him, so we hugged each other, and I cried and cried and cried.” Sometimes a hug is exactly what you need for your birthday.

Jerry said that the experience was something that he would never forget. The two of them married when they were 20 after first meeting when they were 18. You might be wondering why Jerry and Beverley were separated in the first place.

“I won't let him go. He's mine to keep.”

Jerry Lindell was recuperating from a hospital stay at the Meeker Manor prior to the Coronavirus outbreak. At that time, Beverley had been visiting him via the bus. That is, until the Coronavirus lockdown. At first, Beverley wasn't sure she could hug her husband when he came to see her. She said she couldn't hug him, but she responded, “why can't you? I can hug you.” Then the two embraced in a tender moment fit for a Hallmark movie.

Since they've been reunited, the two of them can't stop holding hands. “I won't let him go. He's mine to keep,” said Beverley. This story is a reminder that we need to show love to the people in our lives while we still can. Hug your family while you can. You never know when you won't be able to again.



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