Frying an Egg in the Microwave? Chef David Chang Says You Can

Lifestyle | By Eliana Tremblay | May 14, 2020

Even with 24 hours in the day, it can feel like there aren't enough. Time is all relative though. When you are waiting for guests to arrive at a party, minutes can feel like hours. During The party, hours can feel like minutes. Time has a way of playing tricks on us like that.

For most people, mornings can be extremely hectic. Who wants to take the time to cook a delicious breakfast while you're rushing to get ready to drive in an hour long commute. The answer is no one. That means that something like fried eggs is totally off the menu in the morning.

What if I told you that you could have a perfectly fried egg in just a minute in a half, and you wouldn't even need to use a pan and oil? Would that change your morning routine? If it would, you're in luck because celebrity chef David Chang just revealed his way of frying a perfect egg… in the microwave.

David Chang's Homemade McMuffin

David Chang is an eccentric celebrity chef who you may have seen on just about every cooking show on TV, including his own television show, “Ugly Delicious.” He has a huge restaurant empire of amazing restaurants, but he's not a snob when it comes to food. In fact, he's one to use shortcuts in the home kitchen. That was made evident this past Tuesday when he posted a cooking video on Instagram.

The video he posted on Instagram showed him making his version of a McMuffin that uses salami instead of Canadian bacon. The big shocker was how he cooked the egg. Instead of poaching it, he put it in the microwave. Was it a disaster? Of course not. It came out perfectly! Haven't you ever wondered how fast food restaurants cook their eggs so quickly?

The Key to Minute and a Half Fried Eggs

David Chang posted the video which he captioned, “Microwave your eggs. @jimmyfallon showed me his egg trick with a silicone ring mold in a pan on @fallontonight. After my WIFI run to the liquor store (yes my Wi-Fi crashed)...I made this. Don't be afraid of the microwave!!#culinarydarkarts #sandbagmaster.” The trick isn't exactly something new. People have done it in mugs before, but Chang's version allows for a perfect egg patty that keeps the yolk intact. That's the true

All you have to do is coat a microwave-safe bowl with cooking spray and crack an egg into it. Microwave the bowl for a minute and a half on 30% power. Once it is all done cooking, it will simply slide out of the bowl and you're done.

The Microwave is the Future, Here in Present Day

While Chang's technique does work, Nick Korbee, a chef at Egg Shop in New York, gave these extra tips, “I would start with 20-second intervals for the over-easy hack Chang is doing. Be careful to avoid breaking the yolk too much, as the yolk spilling will end up over cooking the yolk straight away." He added, "Be careful to just poke the top and not poke all the way through the egg. Then do your interval egg training routine to achieve desired doneness, and don't forget to breathe!"

Hopefully this little tip can help you eat some better breakfasts without the extra time. It does raise a serious question on why a master chef is cooking with the microwave. Chang says, “It's the machine of the future, here in present day.” You heard it from a master chef himself. Microwaves are A-OK.



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