Father's Review of His Daughter's Pretend Restaurant is Hilarious

Humor | By Courtney Richard | June 7, 2020

Kids can be a lot to handle. Ask any parent how much sleep they've had recently. The answer might terrify you, especially if you like sleeping in. That being said, having kids is an incomparable joy. There is nothing quite like having a little buddy to teach things to and enjoy snuggles with.

Kids are always looking for attention, so you better give it to them. At a certain age, kids just start developing motor mouth as their imaginations activate and they get excited by all their new thoughts. You may have had to join in on a few pretend tea parties yourself.

Anyone who has spent time with young kids and been forced to pretend to drink fake tea or eat imaginary food, knows that you never get to play by your own rules. It's always theirs. That's why this father's hilariously honest reviews of his daughter's pretend cooking are so funny.

Ava's Kitchen

We could all use something to smile about these days. The news just keeps getting worse and worse. That's why this father's videos where he reviews his daughter's imaginary restaurant are just what the doctor ordered. Not only are his reviews humorously honest, they also promote a positive message about black-owned businesses.

Christopher Kyle is a father who lives in Detroit with his 18-month-old daughter, Ava. On May 21 he posted a picture of him sitting at his daughter's imaginary restaurant, Ava's Kitchen. Christopher Kyle's review is hilarious as he detailed every experience at his daughter's restaurant. “So I tried to support another Black Owned Business for lunch today. It's called Ava's Kitchen, just opened end of April. It's a very clean establishment, but whewww let me tell you about this owner.”

Christopher Kyle Added a message About Black-Owned Businesses

Christopher Kyle continued on his review, deciding to focus on the decor. “First off, I asked why there are balloons on my chair, and it's not my birthday? She talm'bout, mind yah business; those are Mommy's.” He's starting to sound like Gordon Ramsey! Next he commented on the service, “I been waiting on my order to get done for 45 minutes, and I'm the only customer here. She was making good progress at first, then she stopped for 20 minutes to go watch Paw Patrol.”

While keeping the humor light for most of it, he did add an important message about balck-owned businesses. “Overall the customer service could be better, but the cook is a cutie; so I'll give her another chance. Let's not give up on Black businesses so fast after one mistake.”

Ava's Kitchen is Busier than Ever

The post has since gone viral. It's at 1,500 comments and 30,000 likes. He has posted again to reflect on the success of his original post. “Just pulled back up to @myavachristine Kitchen after she went viral this past weekend and whewww, she got a line down the block y'all!.” The post includes stuffed animals lined up at the restaurant.

Christopher Kyle is happy with the success of the post, and is looking to the future. “God has placed this unexplainable favor on my life, that draws people and attention to whatever I touch. I can already see that favor has been passed onto Ava; but her blessings will be 10x what God is doing in my life! She's already touched lives around the world, and she can't even talk yet! Just wait until you see what we do next!”



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