Drink Coffee, Eat Garlic, Get Invincible

Lifestyle | By Eliana Tremblay | June 18, 2020

So you've been cooped up for four months, with what time you had left over after work now taken up by 24/7 childcare. You're not eating well, and you don't know where the energy is supposed to come from to change that without having the energy from having changed that.

You could start a meal subscription, if you can afford the cost times the number of people you're feeding. Or you could order from Earth's one place that will deliver food which doesn't kill you in the long run, if, again, you can afford it. Or, you can trade sleep for healthy food.

Or, you can look to the simple foods that bear deceptive benefits both for promoting good health and combatting already accrued ailments, and it will cost you modestly in dollars and only slightly less modestly in time online, which you love doing anyway.

Guru For Our Time

Nutritionist Sheela Mahdavi, founder of Food Over Drugs, has begun imparting her findings via TikTok videos, and until the powers that be find out she's not teaching a new dance and shut her down, you can check them out and get a good start on integrating some very basic foods into your daily diet.

Per Mahdavi's website, the goal is to shift one's dietary focus towards a more natural nutritional intake of whole foods, herbal medicine, and plants. And one doesn't have to leap headfirst into the whole new age lifestyle in order to reap benefits, because it starts with something you're probably already doing: coffee! It's not just giving you an energy boost, but also expanding your blood vessels and opening the bronchial tubes in your lungs, enhancing coordination, easing asthma and relieving congestion.

Higher-hanging Fruit

But since you're probably reading this with a cup of coffee already in your hand, we can venture a little farther afield, to something you may know is in one or two things you eat occasionally, ginger. It may be a thing that is also there with the wasabi when you get sushi, or the main event in ginger ale, but you can make a tea out of it or add it to any number of things you're already eating anyway, and your reward will be eased stomach aches, lessened incidents of nausea, and improved digestion.

'It increases the release of bile and digestive enzymes, which helps you better break down your food,' Mahdi notes about the root. 'It's also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which is useful for overgrowth or infections in the GI tract.'

A Cooling, And Cool, Treat

If you get a sunburn, you may know to slather it in aloe vera, the second best thing to having put on adequate sunblock in the first place. It feels good, smells nice, and heals your damaged skin. And while not everything that is good for your outside is also good for your insides, aloe is one that works either way, as Mahdavi reports it functions as a general anti-inflammatory and even helps clear up acne. But do note that whole aloe is what you want, certainly not the kind in gel form you know.

And the list goes on, including vision-enhancing blueberries, immunity-boosting oregano, garlic as an antifungal and antiviral agent, turmeric to join forces with aloe on the anti-inflammation beat, and so many more simple, easy, unprocessed foots, so enjoy and get well!



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