Child Gets Birthday Wish To Have Her Party At Target

Inspiration | By Bruce Bridges | March 12, 2020

When you are a kid, there isn't any other day that is more special than your birthday. It is a mark of achievement and growth, especially since one year of a child's life is a huge percentage of their entire existence. It's hard not to find it important when you are that young.

Aside from your birthday meaning you are growing older, it also means that you get to party and have fun! That might be what makes kids the most excited about having a birthday. Your birthday party is your way to express yourself and spend the day doing things you personally love.

Kids have all kinds of interests, which means you'll see them have all kinds of birthday parties. Ninja Turtles, Barbie, and every other character under the sun. The kid in this story is 8-year-old Brayden Lawrence, and she is unusual in that she decided to have her 8th birthday party at Target.

Brayden Lawrence LOVES Target

Everyone has their dream birthday celebration. What is yours? It probably doesn't take place at a major retailer. That is what makes 8-year-old Brayden Lawrence so unique. She wanted to have her 8th birthday celebration at her local Target store. This party wasn't all about shopping either. Brayden Lawrence took her group of friends to the target wearing red Target uniforms including name tags. Then they took over the store, living out Brayden's dream of a Target birthday party.

Brayden Lawrence's aunt, Rikki Jackson, took photos of the party and shared them on her twitter. She told TODAY, “She's obsessed with Target. Literally will ask to go to Target just to walk up and down the aisles. She asked for a Target party, and my sister was like, ‘OMG, how do we make this happen?”

Brayden's Mom Teamed Up with a Local Target Manager

Brayden's mom took it upon herself to contact the Camp Creek Target in Atlanta to see how she could make the party happen. She spoke with the manager, Albert, about having the Target birthday party. Albert had never heard of such a request, but he was happy to take on the challenge.

Jackson said, “We bought uniforms for the kids and (the) manager, Albert, made them name tags. They had a scavenger hunt where they had to find items throughout the store and then return them to their places afterwards.”

Food at the Target Food Court

Target may not seem like the usual place for a birthday party, but considering that the kids were able to have an activity and have party gifts at the end, it sounds like a successful party idea! You may be wondering what the kids had to eat. Luckily, Target has a great food court. The kids were able to drink Icees and eat hot dogs and popcorn. No party would be complete without a cake, so Brayden had a gigantic Target-themed cake to top it all off.

It really goes to show you how unique kids can be. They all like specific things, and it is a parents job to help make their dreams come true. No one would expect a kid to want a Target party, but this one sounds like it was absolutely perfect.



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