Celebrities like Bieber and Kendall Jenner Face Backlash for Quarantine Comments

Lifestyle | By Antwan Moss | April 11, 2020

The world has changed for the worse. Suddenly, our formerly free lives are no more. We are locked in self-isolation to combat the Coronavirus. No one knows exactly how long this will last, however, if we all do our part to stay inside, we can beat this quicker than later.

The tough part of the coronavirus lockdown is that not everyone is living in the same means. There are people out there in nice, big houses with yards, stocked with hundreds of rolls of toilet paper and two refrigerators worth of food. Then there are those with far, far less.

It is easy to think that everyone is just not working, playing video games, and happily waiting this out, but that's not the case. Many still work in frightening conditions, and may not have much money to get through this. That is why Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner are facing backlash for their comments and attitude.

Bieber, Baldwin, and Jenner go Live from their Mansions

You can't say that people like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner aren't popular. People just can't stop talking about them! It doesn't matter how much talent you think they do or don't have, we are drawn to wealthy people like them. We like to see how they live their lives. There is one exception to that. When the entire world faces a pandemic, the last thing anyone wants to hear about is the luxurious lives these celebrities are living.

It all came about when Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Baldwin joined Kendall Jenner for an Instagram Live chat this past Friday. They spoke about their “blessed” lives living in their mansions while others might struggle. Although they did mention that other people were struggling, it didn't stop fans from feeling like it was a tone deaf conversation.

A Cringey Conversation

Bieber asked Jenner, “how do you like your place that you got?” Kendal replied, “Oh my God it's literally my favorite place on the planet. I worked for so long to get it to the point it's at. I renovated it for like a year.” Bieber bathed in their good fortune, saying, “How blessed are we? A lot of people obviously in this time have a crappy situation. They look at us and obviously we worked hard for where we're at so we can't feel bad for the things that we have but I think us taking that time to acknowledge that there are people who are crippling is important. We send our love and support to them.”

Regardless of Bieber mentioning that others are not living as well as them, fans did not like the conversation.

Celebrities are Finding It Hard to Navigate Covid

One user mentioned that they ran out of TP, so why should they care about the struggles of Bieber and Jenner? Another user wrote, “they live in f---ing mansions. Stop complaining. Cluelessly, the trio continued on to discuss their love of tie-dying - which is a great activity to do if you have ample space and funds to ruin a shirt.

To be fair, Bieber has donated money to a children's charity foundation in China since the Coronavirus began spreading. That being said, there is a history of celebrities putting their foot in their mouths when talking about the Coronavirus. Gwyneth Paltrow was criticized for selling overpriced clothing, and a Vanderpump Rules star was criticized for refusing to self isolate. Celebrities, now might be a good time to stay offline unless you have something really good to say.



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