Bride Asks to Hug Her Ex One Last Time During Wedding

Humor | By Jamal Mack | January 31, 2021

Weddings are one of the most beautiful celebrations of love that exist. It’s the way we show someone that we love them so much that we are willing to go through anything with them and not let it break you two apart. At its best, it is a life changing and inspiring arrangement.

At worst, weddings can be a complete and utter disaster. People start to act differently leading up to their wedding. I’m not just talking about bridezillas. Everyone starts to act crazy during a wedding. Have you ever noticed that everyone seems to make it about themselves? Isn’t it supposed to be the bride and the groom’s day?

That’s where weddings can get very strange. Other people start injecting themselves into your special day, and no person is worse to inject in your day than an ex. This story isn’t about an ex coming and objecting to the wedding. This story is about a very strange request from the bride.

Can I Hug One More Time?

A new viral clip is sweeping the internet, racking up over five million views on tik Tok already, and it takes place somewhere where people should have silenced and put away their phones. This Tik Tok video was shared by a Tik Tok user named @mayangkumay during her wedding reception in Malaysia. It comes from footage that her friends recorded while it happened because the moment was so shocking.

The video shows the bride asking her ex-boyfriend for a hug “one last time,” leaving her husband completely shocked. The video takes place while the couple is greeting their wedding guests. Her ex was present at the wedding, so he, of course, came to greet them. The real surprise was what the woman asked her husband. She asks her husband: “Can I hug just one more time?”

Smiling Through the Pain

The groom told her it was OK to give her ex a hug, although the entire situation feels very awkward. She gave her ex an incredibly warm and tender hug that some might call inappropriate given the circumstance. The fact that she asked in the way that she did makes the whole thing feel as if she still holds feelings for her ex. People have collectively agreed that the groom is “smiling through the pain.”

Afterwards, the ex tried to shake the groom’s hand but he got a hug instead. There must be something to this very awkward yet relatable moment because it has gotten over 385,000 likes and over 19,000 comments. People are really sympathizing with the plight of this cuckolded groom. It’s not the worst wedding disaster, but it doesn’t make for a good memory either.

Tik Tok Has Made Their Verdict

Many internet users are rallying around the husband. They claim he deserves better because his pain is very obvious. It can be hard to judge the true nature of a moment just by a video alone, but the video certainly is cringe worthy. One Tik Tok user said, “You see her husband immediately looks down when he sees his wife hugging her ex. What would the groom's family think?"

We can only imagine that it’s a funny memory to the people involved since they are the ones who posted it, but sometimes we say things are funny just because we don’t want to face the fact that they hurt us. In some ways, we all smile through the pain. Perhaps that’s why we love and respect this man. We see our own selves in him.



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