Man Becomes Millionaire At Age 16 Designing Clothes In His Parent's Garage

Inspiration | By Ian Anglin | April 16, 2018

They say earning the first million dollars is the hardest and for a lot of people on that mission, getting over that 'hump' never becomes the case, let alone at a young age. This is not true for Dhillan Bhardwaj however, who is a 21-year old that made his first million dollars when he was just 16. His occupation is designing clothes and the stuff he has made has been worn by the likes of Drake, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and others.

Dhillan Bhardwaj Started His Brand in His Parent's Garage

Dhillan Bhardwaj started the brand Ratchet Clothing and he did so in the garage of his parent's house. It only took him a year for him to hit the million dollars mark which expectedly opened a lot of doors for him. For example, he received a request for his designs from Zara Larsson, he gave Rihanna a gift through her family, and he got to have a tea with the Prime Minister.

In regards to his dealings with Rihanna, what Dhillan has to say is that he will never forget being approached by her team with the request for him to design her something special and cool. This got him trending on Twitter which then caught the attention of Miley Cyrus. Miley eventually invited Dhillan to her show in Birmingham and they got to hang out afterward. He was also invited to have tea by the then Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Designer is also a Motivational Speaker Helping the Youth

Other than coming up with designs for clothes, Dhillan is also very keen on traveling and he uses the opportunity to motivate the youth and students from around the country. He says he always has his hands full with work and is very engaged in the entirety of his business. As for his current endeavors, he's amidst the release of his Spring/Summer collection for 2018 and he's also working on a book in order to help other brands.

In addition, Dhillan gives motivational speeches as he visits numerous universities, colleges, and some other schools. He says that he's in love with being busy and likes to be on top of everything regarding his business. He's the person who runs the social media on a daily basis which gives them the chance to communicate with his customers directly. His attempt is to try and help them pick the best items that suit them.

His Customers and Rihanna are Dhillan's Main Inspiration

Dhillan says that he draws his inspiration and motivation from his customers who constantly send him messages to showcase their happiness and satisfaction with Dhillan's designs. It's especially rewarding for him to see a person on the street wearing some of his stuff. In such cases, Dhillan says that he gets the urge to run up to them and tell them "I made that". However, if he has to name a single person that inspires him - that would be Rihanna.

It is Rihanna's work ethic and indifference to what other people have to say about her choices that Dhillan finds so cool. He thinks it's a very important quality to have, especially in regards to today's youth. As for being a millionaire, he very much enjoys the opportunity to be able to buy things that he previously thought would be impossible. He loves the traveling, the fact he's had a TV show and that he spent a week in the Big Brother house.



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