New Study Finds That Babies Born In September Tend To Be Smarter

Science | By Ian Anglin | April 14, 2018

In today's world, there is a lot of fuss going on about who is more capable than whom. This situation may be at least partially influenced by some of the new social movements or from the amount of readily available data that is available on the internet. Data on its own, if not used in a direct and practical way is not very useful, which is why interpretation is such an important activity. This article is going shed some light on the way babies develop their intelligence.

Where Modern Meets the Old

It doesn't matter that we live in 21 century, knocking on the door of complete automatization by using advanced artificial intelligence and advanced robotics, and building an equal society that will treat everyone same no matter what race or gender that person happens to identify itself with. Sometimes people especially when faced with difficult life-changing problem tend to reverse to the old almost religious ways of thinking and acting about the matter in hand.

This phenomenon doesn't have to mean that people are in any way less capable of critical thinking or analyzing the situation. And this becomes evident especially when we take into account the fact that by the law of evolution only the ones that had best survival strategy managed to stay alive and to continue their DNA by having children. So this means that being religious is not something that is bad, in fact, it can be good if it is seen as a strategy that will make you persistent in fulfilling your need and force you not give up that easily.

The IQ Question

The first intelligence quotient tests were invented by French psychologist Alfred Binet and were used as a way to find out if someone has psychiatric problems. Those IQ tests were used little differently than the ones that are popularized in this day and age and only had two results pass or fail. To fail doesn't have to mean that that person 100% has problems, but it was a good indicator of that time of age.

In today's day of age intelligence quotient tests are used as a way to extrapolate the amount of intelligence that the subject has. There is even a group named MENSA, which is formed only by people that have so high amount of IQ that statistically only 2% of earth population can have. But some people still remain to think that these tests are not accurate and that this whole concept of intelligence is misunderstood and misused by some people in order for them to be more influential towards other people that buy into their story that intelligence can be easily identified and measured.

Smart in September

So after defining some points and giving some alternative viewpoints toward the whole popular notion of the importance of affirmation one's intelligence quantity. One may question astrology's practice that defines not only day to day happenings, but also the probability of someone solving a task, based only on the correlation between the position of the planets and stars in that given moment and their assumed position at the time of birth.

In the case of the study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, that examined 1.2 million students between the ages of 6 and 15 that were born in different months, came to a conclusion that students that are born in September may be smarter than other students. And not only that but also students born in September tend to have higher yearly averages than students that were born in August. After closer consideration, the reason for this results became clear, when we take in consideration that in most states the cutoff date to enter in kindergarten is between August and September, and this makes the children that were born in September usually older than the rest of the classmates. Quite an easy explanation, right?



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