Hairstylist Shares Secrets About Her Job And Why It's More Difficult Than You Think

Entertainment | By Ian Anglin | March 29, 2018

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms where people could not only share their causal daily occurrences but also engage in exchanging business information and deploy different marketing efforts. Therefore, Instagram could come in handy for professionals in the beauty industry and enable them the opportunity to present the latest trends and their creative work. Tiffany Daniels is one such hairstylist that recently even utilized the platform to share a strong message about the workings of her profession.

Tiffany Daniels Shares an Important Message about Hairstylists

Daniels is a hairstylist at Studio B salon which is located in Washington. She has over 3,000 followers on her Instagram account and recently she posted a larger note in order to expose some of the behind-the-scenes happenings regarding her industry. Specifically, the subject of her message was the in-between process of all those before-and-after transformation photos that people get to see. It appears that people think it is "easy" to be a hairstylist and Daniels decided to shed some light on that.

What upsets Daniels is that hairdressers tend to have a lackluster reputation because from the outside it looks like their job isn't "real" enough. People question it as a career choice and feel like anybody could do it. However, while she admits that it can be a lot of fun to work as a hairstylist, it still takes lots of skill to do the job well. Daniels explains that a hairstylist needs to have an understanding of biology, chemistry, art, psychology and especially math.

Daniels Elaborates on the Difficulties of Working with Hair

n continuation, Daniels further elaborates that the customers in the chair of a hairdresser all have unique requirements. They all need a specialized and customized approach, and on top of that, the hairstylist gets to hear the intimate details of their lives. Daniels says that she celebrates and cries with the people in her chair and that they get to share an experience. However, this is not to forget all the tools of the job such as shears, clippers combs and color brushes.

Not only do hairstylists work long hours on their feet, Daniels explains, but when they come back home from work they are covered in hair and color stains, and their bodies bear the scars of the profession, some seen and some not. They often work without breaks and they miss weekends with friends and family. As for the scars, these include cuts, burns, achy joints, back and foot problems as well as dermatitis, depression, and anxiety.

The Efforts of a Hairstylist Deserve More Respect

Despite all the issues surrounding her profession, Daniels says that hairdressers still need to put on a smile every morning and have a wish in their heart to make everyone the best version of themselves, not only on the outside but the inside too. According to her, this is what keeps hairstylists going, every single day. It sure isn't an easy job as most people seem to think, but it is theirs and all they ask in return is some respect.

In addition, Daniel notes that this issue has been a topic of conversation between her and her colleagues for quite some time. She told TODAY Style that she feels she is very fortunate to have some amazing clients that genuinely appreciate what she does. But what's also true is that some of her colleagues have had to face people's unrealistic expectations and other negative and downgrading comments. This prompted Daniels to write her message and try to bring to attention the hardship of her profession.



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