Ellen DeGeneres Surprises John Cena After Learning He Never Went To Prom

Entertainment | By Ian Anglin | March 26, 2018

The high school experience culminating with a prom is an event that is memorable to everyone, hopefully in a positive way but nonetheless, it's a pivotal moment when growing up. By the time you turn 18, pretty much all major events get flavored in a more dramatic way considering most of them are your first times. The prom has been a regular subject in movies and TV Shows, and "Blockers" starring John Cena, who apparently missed his prom, is the latest film in the list.

Cena Missed His Prom Trying to Make Money

John Cena is a popular wrestler who later became an actor and recently he was a guest on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" promoting his new movie "Blockers" which is about a prom. Cena, however, came out to say that he himself missed his prom because he felt it would be more beneficial to stay on campus and try to make some extra cash. He was in boarding school back then and considering he missed the big dance DeGeneres decided to surprise him.

Ellen's idea was to try and make up for Cena's missed experience and she went on to present him with a prom. She wasn't alone on this and Nikki Bella who is Cena's fiancée helped her with the cause. One needs a date for the big night and who better than Nikki to fulfill that role. DeGeneres wasn't playing with this and she made sure to put together the whole experience and not miss a beat.

Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Cena with a Prom Experience

In order to make it proper, Ellen had a whole stage set for Cena. This means the inclusion of balloons, a mirror ball, a punch bowl and a whole bunch of shiny objects. Standing in a beautiful purple dress, Nikki surprised Cena from behind the curtains that contained the stage and gave him a kiss. Afterwards, Cena said that he hates surprises but that he definitely liked this one. Ellen pronounced them a king and a queen and gave them their crowns.

To top it all off, DeGeneres cued in the music and asked Cena and Nikki to have a slow dance as the crowd cheered them up loudly. They sealed it off with another kiss and had some punch to drink. The dancing was done a bit awkwardly though so Nikki joked that they cannot dance like that at their wedding. Nevertheless, the music of "Three Times a Lady" by the Commodores suited them touchingly. The pair has been engaged since April 2017.

George Lucas and "The O.C." on the Importance of Making It to Your Prom

As a throwback to Cena's prom on Ellen's show what comes to mind is the classic teen drama "The O.C." from the early to mid-2000s. Back in 2005, on the episode called "The O.Sea" which centered on the theme of prom, the creator of Star Wars George Lucas himself talked about missing his own big night. Lucas shared a scene with Adam Brody, who played the character of Seth Cohen. In the episode, Seth had a difficult decision to make - the prom or his comic.

In the show, Brody's love interest was Summer Roberts played by Rachel Bilson. Her character had long waited to have a great prom experience and Seth put that at risk by going to a meeting with George Lucas. However, Lucas explained how he regrets missing on his prom due to working on ideas for Star Wars and because of that he tried to make it up by doing the movie "American Graffiti". This prompted Seth to abandon the deal and not miss the important life experience that is the prom.



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