Dog Showers Are The Latest Home Trend, And They Are Absolutely Incredible

Weird | By Ian Anglin | March 23, 2018

Everyone knows that dogs are man's best friend and as such, they deserve and inspire to be treated properly and with flattering. Pet owners have bought different types of clothing and foods to suit their dogs in the best way possible. They have built small beds for them, special dog houses for the outdoors, raincoats and all that to provide them with the utmost care for all conditions ensuring comfort. And on that note, the latest trend among dog owners is actually the purchase of dog showers.

Dogs Get Their Unique Bathtubs

As the name suggests, dog showers are specially built showers designed to suit the needs of a dog. There's been an increased demand for them and nowadays owners want a unique bathtub for their pets, one that is separate from their own. There are a few reasons behind this trend, and even though a regular bathtub could do, dog lovers have certain concerns and practical aspects in mind that give rise to their addition of dog showers to their shopping lists.

One firm that has been producing dog showers for some years now is that of William Harrison. He is the main architect of Harrison Design and according to him, a number of clients at first started to ask for showers that have elevated platforms which would help with a more tranquil washing of their dog. However, what started as more unique demands has now turned into a full-blown trend and dog showers are becoming a fancy commodity.

The Bigger the Breed, the Bigger the Need

There are different breeds of dogs of course, some bigger than others, and it's the bigger ones that tend to inspire their owners to get them a specialized bathtub. Part of the features for the dog shower could be the inclusion of steps that ease the dog's way to its washstand, and some other professional-level equipment is involved as well. Owners have complained that their dogs become unhappy when washed in regular bathtubs, which is a reason to get them a special one.

Aside from the dog's unhappiness with the process, a huge mess gets to occur. The fur and the water splash around and on top of that, it could actually be unsafe for the pet because it could get hurt when trying to jump out of a watery bathtub. As far as the location of the dog shower, most owners place them in a mudroom or laundry room. In these areas, the addition of a plumbing line doesn't cost that much so it makes sense.

Dog Showers Lessen the Mess

Another person who has spoken on the subject is Hannah Crowell. She is a Trulia Design Panelist and a representative of Nashville's Crowell & Co. Interiors. Hannah is a big fan of the dog showers idea and she is getting one for her two retrievers. She even says to be more excited about her pets' bathtub rather than her own bathroom. Her dogs have their playtime in the backyard which leaves them covered in dust.

Therefore, it is to Hannah's benefit to washing her dogs in a special shower for otherwise there will be dirt all around the house and the regular bathtub would be hard to clean. One concern about this whole trend is the resale value of the houses that install the dog showers considering the next buyers may not have pets. However, Hannah disagrees and says that dog showers could only add merit to a home and they could be used for other purposes.



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