Learn How To Lose 10 Pounds Quickly From People Who Successfully Did It

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | March 12, 2018

If you are looking for first-hand advice on how to lose weight in a healthy manner, these three girls may have the answer. Some of them even lost more than 80 pounds, without having to spend a lot of money on expensive food or training sessions. The key advice all three dieters give is to not starve yourself, keep a balanced diet, and to try and make your new diet a lifestyle choice, rather than a temporary measure designed only for short-term weight loss.

She Lost 74 Pounds

Kate McGinty, 33, works as a newsroom editor in Cincinnati, Ohio. She managed to lose a whopping 74 pounds by participating in a private accountability group on Facebook (there are similar groups on other websites as well). These kinds of groups are growing in popularity, and are great places for like-minded people to support each other through the process of losing weight or abstaining from any kind of addiction.

All group members in Kate's accountability circle started doing the same workout program, which is called The 21-Day Fix. The point of the exercise is for everyone to be able to do it in their living room, and it should only take 30 minutes a day to complete so that even people who are busy with long workdays can participate and lose weight.

Tiffany Lost 84 Pounds After She Committed to Dieting for Life

Tiffany Elizabeth is a 26-year old girl from Clearwater, Florida. She tried to lose weight for many years, but with little success. She managed to turn things around once she changed the expectation she had from her life and body. It was only when she decided to make having a healthy diet part of her lifestyle, that she made a breakthrough in her weight loss process.

"This time, I decided I needed to make a lifestyle out of it.," Tiffany said. In the past, she felt that if she couldn't lose at least a pound a day, the diet wasn't worth it. That is not the case with her now. With her new diet, she has cut out all bread, pasta, cake, and donuts. In order to resist further temptation, she also eliminated all gluten and dairy from her life.

Katarzyna from Poland Lost 30 Pounds

Katarzyna comes from Poland, and although she has lost the least amount of weight of all three featured woman, her weight loss is still a success story that can help many people out there. She is 23-years old and comes from Gniezno, a small town in Poland. At first, she started working out with fitness DVD, and eventually, she transitioned to working with a personal trainer.

The key advice she wants to give people who are looking to get fit is to not starve yourself. Don't deprive your diet form the food you enjoy and that you need in order to be healthy. She says, "No starvation diet, it's so stupid. After eating nothing, you eat more than you need and don't have energy." At the end of her interview, she also said that you shouldn't be afraid to have an occasional bite to eat with friends, no matter what they are eating.



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