3 People Who Failed To Understand How Food Works

Humor | By Ian Anglin | March 12, 2018

It is a well-known fact that some people have great trouble understanding how certain types of food work, or how they should be consumed. This text is going to go through several different fails. The first one is about a parent who went ahead and asked (on Yahoo answers of all places) whether they can use expensive, high-grade synthetic motor oil to deep fry some food for their kid? They even implied that the motor oil is synthetic, meaning it should be much better to cook with than normal mineral oil.

This Parent Wanted to Serve Their Kid with Food Deep-Fried in Synthetic Motor Oil

You probably know that there are different kinds of motor oil, depending on the vehicle's performance needs. To cut a long story short, synthetic motor oil is the best there is, but it isn't good enough, nor suitable for human consumption. This parent apparently didn't care about all that, which is why they went to Yahoo Answers to ask a very weird question.

The question begins with the parent writing that they promised to cook their kid one of their "best" deep fried recipes, but that they forgot to buy cooking oil, and they had none left at home. So, they are using whether they can deep fry using motor oil - but keep in mind, this isn't just any motor oil - this is synthetic Castor oil, so it should be okay to use. Right?

Holding Ice Cream Like an Alien

Some person who goes by the name of Mr. Brooks, decided to post a picture of them eating some ice cream. The weird thing is pretty obvious - why would anyone hold an ice cream like that? The ice cream has a wooden handle for a reason, and that is so that you can hold it without melting any of it in your hand. You know how sticky melted sugar and cocoa can be - that stuff can be gross and it gets literally everywhere.

Luckily, another guy, who goes by the name of Harrison Banks - Nice Guy on Twitter, decided to call him out. His tweet is simple and to the point - it just says "Why are you holding it like that?" We have no information whether he ever received a reply back, but it was funny to see. If the guy did reply back, perhaps Harrison Banks can teach him a thing or two on how to hold an ice cream.

This Story Can't Tell the Difference Between Fruit

It is a well-known fact that some people have trouble telling the difference between certain types of fruits and vegetables. While that is understandable to a degree (like when it comes to children), that is not understandable when it comes to a big box store. This shop decided to list some lemons on sale, but in the subheading, they wrote an entirely different thing.

Instead of writing that lemons are perfect for lemon juice (which is why many people buy them in the first place), the retailer wrote "perfect for orange juice." Just reading that out can make your head hurt - the sentence defies all the known physical laws. Just imagine someone going ahead and buying some lemons so that they can make the perfect orange juice at home. Crazy stuff.



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