Couple's Engagement Photoshoot Involving Pet Goes Viral

Humor | By Julio Childress | August 28, 2018

For some people, their relationship is the most important thing in their lives. There's certainly nothing wrong with that and it makes complete sense. The world is hard to manage on your own. Having someone to share your struggles with is extremely important. If you can find someone who makes your life better, hold on to them.

Companionship often comes in the form of having a romantic partner. Although the specifics of dating and marriage has changed over time, it is still something that people find themselves getting into by choice. The thing is, many people find companionship in a different kind of way. With their dogs.

Dogs literally have the nickname "man's best friend," so it's not surprise that the connections between humans and their dogs are incredibly deep. This story is about one dog/human connection so strong that even a new husband couldn't come between them. Let's see what all this bark is about.

"I Loved Her First."

Joe and Nikki Tingley are a couple from Merrimack, New Hampshire who were recently getting engaged. As people do, they planned to take engagement photos, but there was just one problem. They didn't want Buddy, Nikki's German shepherd, to feel left out, so they included him in the picture. The results are incredibly heartwarming and cute. As you can see, Buddy poses with Nikki wearing a sign that says "I loved her first."

This story originally came from Reddit, a site for sharing images, videos, and web links. While the site can often vary from family friendly to horrific, this story is about something awfully cute. We know that for a fact given that the original post about this tory got 30,000 upvotes on Reddit. For those of you not in the know, that's basically thirty thousand people saying "this is awesome!"

The Greatest Engagement Photo of All Time

While many people might be turned off by their partner having such a close relationship with their pet, Joe was well aware of the special bond that Nikki and Buddy had. Hence the sign, "I loved her first." When you truly love someone, you're happy for them to have love from others as well. Nikki has had Buddy since he was one years old. Joe told TODAY: "My wife had Buddy for five years before we met. They were inseparable, and they both were kind enough to adopt me into their pack." Joe definitely put it best. He's the on joining their family.

Nikki looks beautiful in her pearls holding Buddy's paw. She pair looked even lovelier on their wedding day in November 2016. Buddy even played part in their wedding day ceremony and joined in on the bride and groom photos.

Where are they now?

People on Reddit really responded to the photos. One user said "This is too cute! You are going to live happily ever after. All of you." Unfortunately that wasn't exactly true. We all know that dogs have a shorter lifespan than humans, and eventually you're bound to lose a pet. Buddy had undergone surgery, and only a week later passed away from a stroke.

Regarding the event, Joe had this to say: "Between our constant tears I was able to show my wife that many thousands of people had seen him that day and we found some sense of comfort knowing that Buddy had brought some happiness to others out there." Nikkie is currently getting her master's degree. While this isn't the best end to the story, at least Buddy has a great legacy to his name.

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