Teen Surprises Family With Special Talent After Delivering Pizza

Inspiration | By Julio Childress | August 13, 2018

There are certain expectations when one orders a pizza. Those expectations could have to do with how long the pizza takes to get there, how hot the pizza is when it arrives, or whether or not the whole interaction will turn into an adult film scenario. Of course, that last one is just a joke.

The main expectation when ordering a pizza is that your delivery driver will deliver it, and then leave. That's nothing against the driver. It's just that when you go buy groceries, you don't expect the cashier to show you their hidden talent. That's right, the people who serve you every day are incredible people with their own lives.

What hidden talent could a delivery driver or a cashier have? Well, that might surprise you. It certainly surprised the Varchetti's when their delivery driver served them with a Beethoven-level performance on their grand piano. It didn't have extra cheese, but it did sound incredible. Find out exactly how this musical moment went down.

How Did a Normal Night Turn into a Musical Pizza Party?

You may be wondering how an ordinary night turned into a musical pizza party. It all started when Paul Varchetti was taking care of his ten-year-old son and his friend Ryan while his wife was out having dinner with a friend. Paul had ordered pizza, which was a good call considering he was feeding two ten-year-old boys. Spending an hour and a half on chicken cordon bleu might not be worth the effort for that audience.

The pizza delivery driver who showed up was one Bryce Dudal, an eighteen-year-old working for Hungry Howie's Pizza. Upon delivering the pizza, he was spellbound by the piano. Not thinking much of it, Paul asked the delivery driver if he'd like to check out the piano. Once Bryce Dudal sat down and started playing, it was obvious that he was more than just a delivery driver.

How Did the Family React?

The song that Bryce decided to play is not an easy one at all. This isn't a situation where a pizza delivery driver played "Chopsticks" (although that might fit a Chinese food delivery driver). He played Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata." The song involves rapid scales - the mark of someone who truly knows what they're doing on the keys. His playing caused everyone in the house to stop what they were doing and listen. For anyone who has tried to capture the attention of two ten-year-old boys, you know that's a pretty amazing feat.

Paul Varchetti immediately called his wife to tell her what was happening, but when she didn't answer, he sent the video. The video is shocking on its own, but imagine if that were your own house.Julie told TODAY Food: "We ended up with this piano for free from friends and we don't even play it, so it was such a big treat to have it played. I was so excited to finally meet Bryce after watching the video probably 20 times. He is a very sweet, humble kid."

Who is this Mystery Music Man?

Bryde Dudal only started delivering pizzas in October of 2017, a job that he loves. According to TODAY food: "I absolutely love it. I think it's the greatest job on Earth. It's a very good job for a high schooler to have." That doesn't explain the piano playing though. That can be explained by the fact that he's been playing since he was six-years-old. Via TODAY: "Ya know, the funny thing is, I don't really know what made me fall in love with i. II remember starting out playing on my Aunt Sue's keyboard and we used to play together."

Bryce Dudal has blown up since the video was released, so who knows what opportunities might await him in regard to his music. For now he has plans to attend Macomb Community College under a baseball scholarship.



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